The owner wants the latest and greatest, your system is approaching the end of its life or you need spares for rainy days, yet you don’t know where to go or who to contact about sourcing what is right for your requirements.  What can you do?

Directories are past their prime; searching for products is now a digital occurrence.  Digital searching is fine if you know what you are looking for but sometimes you need that personal touch of face-to-face shopping with an expert, but the convenience of purchasing what you need online.   

Welcome to the YOT Store.

Launched in 2019, YOT (Your Onboard Technologies) Store was designed to provide advice to engineers, chief engineers and ETO’s. 

Not everyone is an expert in everything AV or IT, especially when it comes to specifying and sourcing equipment/systems that can replace your existing infrastructure including hardware, software, and licensing on-board your yachts. It’s a standard-issue that ETO’s would like to find a way to reduce a paper trail and stay up to date with the management of purchasing equipment for their technology systems.  

The service provides an online one-stop-shop for all your yachting AV/IT needs, it sets a new benchmark in online e-commerce shopping specialising in the maritime/superyacht industry. They also provide a procurement service to businesses by supplying AV/IT and communication hardware, software and services through their unique, automated shopping platform. 

YOT Store has taken away the complexity associated with IT services and product sourcing and made it fully accessible to all. Think Amazon for superyacht tech supported by certified engineers.  

Read all about the YOT Store in our article in the Winter Blueprint and visit their website too.