It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. One wonders, however, how much of today’s innovations are driven by simple necessity? With the obvious exceptions of crew safety, communications and security, our industry is largely driven by desires over needs and dreams over necessities.  

We tend to give more licence to interior designers when it comes to their more daring work than we would ever give to the technical pioneers serving our market. Yet these engineers are the architects of superb AV experiencescreating the breakthrough technologies that fuel innovation in the marine AV sector. Some of the most exciting solutions are created when experts from different disciplines work together. This is especially true of private cinemas, where the quest for high performance and exquisite aesthetics yields ground-breaking results.  

Qualtron have been always been passionate about private cinema at home or onboard yachts.  As a highly specialized, vertical Audio/Video distributor with a passion for perfection, they realize dreams that enter the history books. The team is led by Torsten Steinbrecher, an advocate of higher quality standards in cinema with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Over that period, they have had the opportunity to work on some of the most incredible projects around the world, supporting clients who jealously guard their privacy.  One of the reasons Qualtron are selected is their absolute discretion; another is their unstinting commitment to the owner’s vision.  

A next-generation home theatre offers an additional dimension in entertainment and luxury.  Each is custom made for every event every owner could ever wish for. Today’s tech savvy owners expect the highest levels of performance and aesthetics whether on land or sea. That is where smart design comes into the picture. Qualtron are excited by new developments in the diverse areas of textile design and lighting, which we are now able to bring to the marine AV market for the first time ever.  

So, what’s the link between lighting engineers and fabric designers? Yes, it’s vision. Part of the Qualtron vision is a closer relationship between AV and interior design. So, we are delighted to announce that they are now ETTLIN’s partner for ETTLINLUX® – MADE FOR UNIQUE Projects. ETTLIN LUX® is a unique, worldwide patented fabric. Magical 3D effects are created by the special ETTLIN LUX® material interacting with point, linear or plane light sources behind the material. Thereby, ETTLIN LUX® delivers a fascinating combination of textile design and lighting design. A meeting of specialist disciplines that unleashes boundless creative opportunities.  

Of course, it is a complex concept, integrating the highest quality of 3D sound and volume level into the RGB LED structure. It is an impressive feat of design by all parties. To create such a unique contribution to onboard design takes a great deal of experience and engineering power. The fabric is engineered to the finest detail and ready to install. We are understandably very proud to be in this partnership with ETTLIN. 


In introducing this unique concept to the private cinema market, Qualtron enters virgin territory They relish the challenge to explore new things, previously impossible in immersive cinema design and performance. Their aim is to create that one special room on a yacht or in your home where the boundaries of a confined space are eliminated, and your senses are awakened. For all classic movies, an ambient-light algorithm chooses the light animation by following the projected image ambience. The wall panels with the fabrics are not meant to be sharp. They create a low-resolution blur, triggering peripheral vision while at the same time enhancing the main focal point: The projection. When viewing a race or a symphonic concert; the immersion is overwhelming 

It is indeed a privilege to work in an industry where so much talent abounds and so much progress is constantly being made.  

This article and many more are available to read online in the latest edition of Superyacht Technology Blueprint here. 

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