Videoworks confirms its leading role in the integration of audio/video, entertainment, IT and domotics systems for yachting with the presentation of its new Key Core Solution. Videoworks has designed and created an innovative architecture for the integration of Audio Video and IT systems, improving efficiency and significantly optimising use of space on board.

The new system is based on the possibility of setting the main control unit in a single centralised technical space, doing away with the need for installation of smaller local units in different spaces for management of the onboard AV solutions.


-40% space reduction compared to a non-centralised system. This is because, for example, local racks can be eliminated from guest cabins, installing only the video screen and speakers.

-30% heat compared to a standard system. This is a very important benefit for onboard safety.

-25% energy consumption compared to a standard system.

-20% less cables than a standard system.

The Key Core Solution is an onboard “brain” which can easily be updated: the presence of a single centralised rack room makes maintenance work less invasive.

The new Key Core Solution system architecture uses the Videoworks MyInfo 3.0 app to manage multimedia and infotainment channels on all the yacht’s Smart TVs. The MyInfo 3.0 app collects all media and information available onboard the yacht so that owners, guests and crew can use them at any time. There is no need for any additional devices: every new multimedia experience is integrated directly into the application. Intuitive graphic design makes it easy to choose a playlist on a Smart TV or iPad, check onboard video cameras, control onboard automation systems or browse the internet in perfect security.

For the first time, the integration of the Key Core Solution with the SAM (Slim Audio Master) system allows one centralised rack to manage the entire audio system directly, with no need to install additional equipment in various spaces on board. The SAM allows perfect calibration of sound in every space on board, while keeping size and bulk down. The functions optimised by the SAM include sound equalisation, calibrating every single space, and native integration of Dante, the highest standard for digital transmission over professional audio networks.


Videoworks also announced a number of new developments.

Light Tool. Videoworks asked EON Reality, a World leader of augmented and virtual reality solutions, to come up with an exclusive tool for onboard technical lighting design. The tool permits real-time display, exactly as if we were on board, of the effects of changing light fixtures and of interaction between natural and artificial light. A tool that is not only practical but emotional, for the creation of perfect lighting design.

An increasingly international enterprise. Videoworks recently announced the opening of a new office for supplying assistance and sale of services in Cagnes-sur-Mer, on France’s Azure Coast. This is the third international location in the Videoworks galaxy, further expanding the Italian company’s international network in addition to Videoworks Europe BV in Aalsmeer (the Netherlands) and Videoworks of Americas, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company is also developing a true in-house training system for its staff and technicians, with a focus on supplying ideal assistance for the growing Russian market.

Onboard security. Videoworks is the first yachting company to have obtained Lloyd’s Register “Capability level 4 (Optimised)” certification for the security of its onboard systems following updating of the standard. Videoworks’ systems have passed theoretical and practical tests simulating a hacker attack, confirming the company’s ongoing updating in cybersecurity, a field where it is essential to keep up with the times.

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