21-fold switched AC/DC PDU to control and protect equipment in superyacht AV installations

Developing our switched and metered AC/DC PDU, we had one thing in mind: To offer a perfect solution for every AV installation. From huddle and conference rooms to digital signage, smart homes and superyachts. So the integrated features are completely aligned with the needs and challenges of AV system operators and users. Our smart power solution Expert Power Control 8291-1 solves the following problems:

  1. Automatic power cycling and remote reboot reduce downtimes of onboard AV systems significantly
  2. Increased safety due to integrated surge protection (type 3), short-circuit protection by eFuse per outlet and residual current monitoring
  3. Unreliability of poor power supply units: Power supplies are the weakest link in the chain of an AV installation. They are prone to be the first to fail according to an internal survey.
  4. Limited rack space because of the chunky power supply units of all the AV devices

Benefits for ETOs, integrators and users of AV systems

With the switchable & metered AC/DC power distribution unit (PDU) from GUDE, devices of naval AV systems can be controlled and restarted remotely. Surveys show that rebooting non-responsive devices solves over 90% of the typical problems. Thus, the response time and downtime can be significantly reduced for the pleasure of the yacht owner. Even better, a self-healing feature ensures that each connected consumer automatically reboots in case of frozen applications. Here not even an intervention is necessary.

Due to the integrated safety features, AV installations on superyachts can be protected against failures. On the one hand, the integrated surge protection (SPD type 3) secures all operation-critical AV devices onboard against overvoltage: Video projectors, displays, media players like Apple TV, audio receivers, amplifiers and media control systems. Additionally, each DC output is protected with its own eFuse, so that short circuits in connected devices do not affect other consumers. On the other hand, detailed measurement of the current (9 electrical quantities measured) allows conclusions to be drawn about irregularities in the installation at an early stage. In this way, power problems onboard can be resolved before a failure occurs. Here, the residual current monitoring is the most important quantity because it enables the early detection of poorly functioning power supply units.

An internal survey revealed that power supplies are the first thing to break down on an AV device. Thus, fault current measurement is essential for AV integrators and ETOs to provide their customers with a safe and reliable installation. And in addition, the integrated power supply unit is robust against failures and meets industry standards. It has an active power factor correction and replaces the vulnerable power supply units of the end devices with an MTBF of 1.800.000 hours.

Not only does Expert Power Control 8291-1 occupy only one rack unit. It also allows to get rid of the clunky power supply units of IT and AV devices that often block available socket space: They are supplied by the integrated power supply unit of the PDU (300W). This feature is especially appreciated by integrators of AV systems on yachts where rack space is precious.

With the intelligent and reliable power distribution unit from GUDE, owners of modern superyachts take their onboard power control system to the next level. They can enjoy controlling and monitoring all relevant IT and AV components from anywhere onboard. What’s more, the PDU provides greater safety on the vessel thanks to a wide range of integrated safety features such as an automatic self-healing function. And with technology partners like Control4, Crestron, and Extron, the integration and flawless control of GUDE power solutions in well-known AV media controls is done in no time.


Front panel of Expert Power Control 8291-1

Product details

The Expert Power Control 8291-1 is an AC/DC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) with different types of voltages: 5V, 12V, 24V and 230V. It combines a smart 19“ distribution panel with a high-quality power supply (MTBF of 1.800.000 hours).

The remote power switch allows those responsible for marine AV infrastructure to rely on a compact 1 RU solution in order to control and monitor their IT and media equipment at anchor, in the marina or at sea. 26 outlets on the rear side enable connections of all common voltages: IEC C13 for 230 V, terminal clamps for 24 V, 12 V and 5 V as well as USB. So servers, routers, projectors and other appliances find their matching socket on Expert Power Control 8291-1.

The power supply units of IT and AV devices often block valuable socket space. By connecting these consumers to the terminals of the smart PDU this lack of available space is solved. Moreover, the integrated power supply unit is a high-quality part of industry standards. So users do not have to worry about the weakest link in the chain: The often cheap and unreliable power supply units of electronic appliances are not required anymore.

Especially if connected media and network devices confront electro-technical officers (ETO) as well as end-users with a frozen and unresponsive status, the new AC/DC power switch comes into play: An instant or automatic reboot through Expert Power Control 8291-1 triggered onsite or from remote solves the critical situation promptly. Time and cost-intensive support calls or even worse service technician deployments onboard are completely avoided.

Benefits in short

  • Less downtime
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Faster and better service through a reboot and monitoring features
  • Easy integration in well-known AV manufacturers like Control4, Crestron and Extron
  • More rack space by eliminating power supplies

Key Features

  • 17 DC switchable power outlets with voltages of 24 V, 12 V and 5 V and 4 AC 230V switchable power outlets
  • Triple security feature:  Short-circuit protection by eFuse per outlet, overvoltage protection type 3 and SSL
  • Integrated failure-proof power supply unit (max. 300 W) with active power factor correction (PFC) and an MTBF of 1.800.000 hours
  • Power cycling (reboot) of hung-up devices: automatic by watchdog, from remote or on-site
  • Saving socket and rack space: DC power supply units of AV devices not required anymore, uses only 1 RU
  • Prevention of down-times with power and residual current monitoring
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity and air pressure by plug-n-play cable sensors

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