TEAM Italia, a leading Italian company in the design and manufacture of integrated bridges that ensure fully configurable instrumental ship steering, after a 2021 with productivity already in line with the pre-Covid trend, in 2022 is on board no less than 26 new yachts, mainly super yachts over 60 metres.

With its three offices strategically located in Fano, Livorno and Forlì, the Company is widely structured and organised according to specific areas of competence and expertise. In Fano, the Commercial core, Marketing, Administrative Office, Design & Style Department, Application Laboratory, Production and After Sales Support. In Livorno the Technical Department, the Research and Development area, Production, Purchasing and After Sales Support. In Forlì as many as 12 people dedicated to software and ship automation.  Two state-of-the-art showrooms that throw the customer into the futuristic world of the most sophisticated and advanced technology complete the TEAM Italia “world” synonymous with professionalism, passion and competence.

I-Bridge®, the integrated dashboard solution is already implemented by TEAM Italia in around 300 projects

The system, designed for simple and immediate control of the boat, thanks to its flexible architecture and effective electronic integration, allows for a totally tailor-made configuration, capable of satisfying, in operational and ergonomic terms, the requirements of the most experienced and demanding skippers.  The Captain therefore always has the possibility of configuring each individual interaction with the system.

TEAM Italia

The advantages of an integrated system such as this, certified by the major international Naval Registries, are data reliability and stability, security, immediate availability of every single command and control as well as every piece of ship’s information according to the ship’s operational context, intuitiveness, ease of use, and the possibility of carrying out updates anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the exclusive technical features, I-Bridge®, thanks to the use of technologies referring to the world of distributed electronics, which has considerably reduced the space dedicated to containing each single piece of equipment, makes it possible to create an elegant and customizable dashboard, also in terms of design, in full respect of the stylistic choices of the Owner and his Architect and in compliance with the characteristics referring to safety and ergonomics indicated by the Captain.

The systems that I-Bridge® can integrate are: navigation, communication, monitoring, steering, propulsion, remote diagnostics, and safety systems.

The latest bridge solutions developed by TEAM Italia on Dharma Next

Dharma Next completely rethinks the very concept of the wheelhouse, transforming the technical space into a more convivial area where navigation can also be enjoyed by the owner and his guests. This bridge layout, in addition to distributed electronics concepts, also envisages the implementation of innovative Mechatronics solutions that allow the bridge layout to be adapted to the different contexts in which the ship will be operating; the level of customisation that can be achieved is therefore maximum.

Among the features that characterise this I-Bridge® project is a 55″ head-up display, so that the data necessary for navigation can be made available without necessarily having to shift attention away from the running of the ship. The new TEAM Italia projects currently include three important collaborations consolidated in the company’s more than 20 years of activity. Working in close synergy with the shipyard and its technical departments, TEAM Italia is in fact able to ensure that its customers receive the best solution based on their specific requirements.

The Ferretti Group has entrusted TEAM Italia with the design, construction and on-board implementation of a variety of NavCom systems: from the Navette Custom Line, also equipped with the Onyx Marine monitoring system (AMS), to the integrated I-Bridge® dashboards for two full-custom projects for CRN, measuring 52 and 65 metres respectively.

The company is also working with the prestigious Sanlorenzo Shipyard, helping to define and fine-tune new and cutting-edge concepts for four yachts with LOAs between 40 and 70 metres.

TEAM Italia is also on board the innovative “Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63” projects with extremely sophisticated technological solutions specially developed for this exclusive fleet announced in a limited edition, as well as on board the major TISG projects between 50 and 75 mt.

For the near future TEAM Italia has planned a further implementation of the newly developed HMI, with the fine-tuning of innovative features and their relative usability.

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