When you’re at home, it’s easy to watch whatever you want whenever you want. With an abundance of movie services and high-speed connectivity, the hardest part is deciding what to watch. At sea, the challenge becomes how to watch what you want to watch. On a yacht, internet bandwidth is a challenge, rather than a guarantee. Even at port, connectivity can be unreliable. At sea, it may not even be available.  

For years, yacht owners, captains, and ETOs have relied on physical media—DVDs and Blu-ray discs—to watch movies at sea. While internet connectivity is not a problem associated with discs, there are other problems. Physical discs are easy to lose or scratch. Traveling internationally, you are plagued with concerns that new discs will be the right region for your player. And when you want to add titles, a crew member scrambles out at port in hopes of finding the latest movie or one of your favorite films.  

Kaleidescape’s Strato movie players are the perfect solution to the problems presented by unreliable internet and physical discs. Not only is an internet connection not required with Kaleidescape Strato, but there is no need to source shiny discs to have the latest movies.  

Kaleidescape offers an extensive catalog of movies, including new releases, Hollywood classics, award-winning TV series, documentaries, concerts, and more. Movies are factory downloaded to new Strato systems before they are shipped to the yacht or authorized Kaleidescape integrator. When new movies become available, or when you want to refresh your selection, adding new movies is easy. Kaleidescape’s marine movie service allows owners to browse and purchase a selection of new movies, which is then factory-loaded onto an encrypted hard drive and delivered to the yacht at port.  

Once the movies are loaded, your entire movie library is immediately accessible at the touch of a button. Stored and played back from an onboard movie server, Kaleidescape movies don’t suffer from issues associated with internet buffering, motion blur, and low-quality soundtracks. Movie playback is predictable, consistent, and reliable—every single time. And Kaleidescape offers movies in higher quality than you will find on streaming services, featuring an extensive selection of 4K Ultra HD movies with high dynamic range that have lossless audio, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS:X.  

Kaleidescape enables the most luxurious cinematic experience available at sea, with tremendous flexibility to meet the needs of a small family or a large group of friends. Renowned for its ease of use, Kaleidescape’s industry-leading interface provides multiple ways to navigate the system’s movie library. On the covers view, watch movies shuffle as Kaleidescape intelligently brings related movies together, helping you find the next movie you want to watch. You can play trailers, create custom collections, or jump to your favorite scene or song. Once you begin a movie, it’s easy to pause playback in the lounge, and resume watching in a stateroom. Kaleidescape movies also come with event cues that work in tandem with automation systems, such as dimming the lights and closing window shades. With Kaleidescape, movies look better, sound better, and have more emotional impact. 

Kaleidescape systems have been installed in over 1,000 yachts worldwide. For those fitted with legacy disc-based systems, upgrade options are available. Trading up to a Strato system allows yacht owners to enjoy Kaleidescape’s marine movie service and say goodbye to the challenges associated with internet bandwidth and shiny discs. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

Contact Kaleidescape at marine-movie-service@kaleidescape.com to learn more. 

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