Taking into account that we can’t solve the big problems of the world, at least not over dinner, a major problem yacht owners’ have is centred around the gap in innovation and technology and the high expectations of the client not being met. The unseen details that define day to day life on board are often overlooked on yachts. The interior may be chic and comfortable, and the exterior design may be perfect, but consumer solutions such as Netflix often grant far superior user experiences than the systems used on superyachts. That should not be the case – and it works to downgrade the entire yachting experience. 

As a luxury technology companyYachtCloud are dedicated to enhancing the total experience. That sounds vague, but their portfolio of products is so unique because it improves the User Experience so heavily. And that is the solution to the problem. For example, controlling the music or TV, or the lights and blinds, this all needs to be easy, fast and intuitive. In the past, there were five remote controls to control five different devices. Today, everything has migrated to the iPad, but the User Interface (UI) is designed in a way as if you are still controlling those five separate devices – albeit now via a screen. On most yachts, the UI on tablets is outdated and poorly designed. That’s a problem that one of YachtCloud’s most successful systems, OMNIYON, addresses.  


OMNIYON is a highly responsive media and control system, full of unique user features and custom-designed to perfection. Accessed via your tablet, smartphone or TV, the same UI is presented on all platforms. It elevates the User Experience to the same standards as you find in other areas onboard a yacht.  

Another problem YachtCloud tackle is not needing to do a refit every other year to have the latest and the greatest tech. They simply update the software every three months, significantly improving the owner’s return on investment.   

In the ultra-lux sphere of superyachts, it seems a challenge to enrich the yacht life any further, though when you look closely at the huge gaps in innovation between onshore technology and tech found on superyachts, it’s clear that there is a lot to be done. YIS is the latest addition the YachtCloud portfolio and demonstrates that modern technology explicitly developed for luxury yachts can add something extra to the experience onboard.

Available on any device, in any location, everything you want to know about the yacht and the journey comes together within YIS. They are especially proud to offer a User Interface that gives that ‘wow’ factor, instead of looking at a screen that makes you think of the 90s. YIS is a software-only solution that brings an immersive yachting experience to the table in a format that is suited to the present and the future. 

For many clients, money is not a limitation in life. Time becomes the limitation, and all YachtCloud products use technology to promote ultimate efficiency. Perfect service is an important element here, and with that in mind, they developed GEST, an easy-to-deploy service call system that can be completely customised to deliver a more streamlined service. Created to enhance the workflow of crew and staff, GEST is the future of luxury service call systems.  

All these products bridge the gap between technology and innovation that yacht owners are looking for, solving the problem of their high expectations not being met by unreliable systems that are outdated and that work against the smooth flow of day to day life. It can be easy to underestimate or overlook the effect that seamless technology has on the success of the charter experience, or a whole summer on board. Standard solutions people refer to in the B2C market are often not the best fit within a yacht.  

Yacht clients need something different to consumer electronics. Something custom and unique, that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. It’s the mission of the YachtCloud team to close that gap, to develop luxury technology that is fit for purpose and that amazes our clients on every level.  

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