Torsten Steinbrecher, Chairman and Founder of Qualtron GmbH is delighted to bring you the ultimate, reference standard, Cinematic Experience with Dolby Atmos Sound and DCI complaint 4k image. As a distributor and consultant, Torsten seeks to raise awareness across the industry as technology develops apace and clients expect the best. Of course, what qualifies as ‘best’ is open to debate. That’s where Qualtron’s partners bring their passion for perfection to create a world class cinema experience, on a par with the best commercial movie theatres. Having worked closely under the Qualtron umbrella, this unique collaboration of the industry’s premium brands presents the most exquisite audio-visual solutions to the world’s most demanding clients. There is nothing quite like a challenging project to inspire these brilliant innovators in the pursuit of uncompromising quality. Experience flawless Audio-Visual performance driven by technical prowess, stunning craftsmanship, and elegant design.
Barco Steinway
BARCO Residential – Living the Experience The architecture of high-end performance. Barco Residential is unique in offering true CinemaScope projectors, enabling a superior cinematic experience. Barco Projectors elevate private cinema to the highest professional standards.
Bel Air Cinema
Bel Air Cinema – The Ultimate Cinema – Screening Hollywood titles from the day of release Working with leading studios and distributors to deliver access to world-beating content from blockbusters to cinema classics.
Kaleidescape – The Ultimate Movie Platform Clients rely on this peerless platform to build a customised film archive of the best 4k content; delivering a bit-for-bit copy of the studio master, so viewers enjoy an elevated experience of the director’s vision.
Trinnov Qualtron
Trinnov Audio Trinnov Audio, designs and manufactures preamplifiers and processors featuring exclusive loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D sound technologies for high-end Hi-Fi & Home Theatres, Professional Studios and Movie Theatres for over 20 years.
Davi Qualtron
Davì – Extraordinary Handcrafted Personal Audio Coveted by the many, owned by the few, these headphones are known as your passport to heightened sensation. Artisan crafted and exquisitely finished; each is a work of art. When form and function merge to create a unique, immersive cinematic experience, to satisfy discerning clients, creating a synergy of form and function, we may even be entitled to call it the best.
Audio Vision
Stewart Filmscreen “We’ve made Hollywood sparkle with excitement, home cinemas glow with wonder, and conference halls shine with inspiration.” Stewart is the reference screen. When major movie production companies need a screen for their post-production editing as well as for their screening rooms, they come to Stewart – and have for a long time. Uniformity and colour accuracy are everything. Stewart can promise and deliver colour uniformity no matter the viewing angle.
Audio Visual
Fiber Optic Siems (F.O.S)  Crafting Experiences and Elevating Expectations. F.O.S. stands as an innovator network technology, specializing in the strategic planning and flawless installation of sophisticated AV/IT media technology solutions. What sets them apart is their visionary approach to AV/IT integration – from concept to reality.
audio vision
Blustream is the audio-visual industry’s award-winning option for advanced AV distribution. Their products are designed and engineered by a global team of AV specialists with over 50 years’ experience. Blustream products make it simple to distribute AV signals to multiple displays. Utilising a single CAT6 cable infrastructure, these solutions transmit 4K resolutions to multiple displays with ease.
audio vision
Kordz is the professional grade connectivity brand designed for systems technicians, by systems technicians. As experienced former integrators, and for more than 20 years, Kordz has partnered with global technology leaders to re-design and re-engineer connectivity products for professional installation to make the job of creating exceptional systems easier.
Lumagen has been equipping theatres with the technology to make movies jump off the screen for over 20 years. Lumagen provides solutions for video switching, calibration, plus deinterlacing and scaling. Together these allow knowledgeable integrators to provide the best quality and most accurate video images for their private cinema installations.