Phasor received very positive industry feedback on the performance of its broadband flat panel, electronically-steerable antenna system, as visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show could see for themselves its game-changing potential.

The Show provided the perfect backdrop for a live demonstration of a duplex link over the Phasor Maritime Quantum Aperture™ system. Phasor has been conducting extended trials of this equipment over the last two months and has consistently demonstrated highly reliable, broadband duplex satellite links, including unparalleled return-link speeds of greater than 24Mbps connectivity from a single 71cm equivalent aperture, using an Intelsat EPIC® High Throughput Satellite. The system ran for hours upon hours during the Show, without dropping a packet. What is more remarkable is that this antenna performance was accomplished whilst in constant motion, mounted on a 3 axis moving platform to simulate motion while at sea.

During the show, the company announced that is has reached agreement with OmniAccess to become its commercial launch partner in the super yacht and related maritime broadband services markets.  Beta trials will commence in early 2018 with additional partners and, following the success of these field tests, Phasor will introduce its initial products to the commercial maritime broadband services market.

David Helfgott, CEO Phasor said of the developments: “Over the past several quarters, Phasor has made great strides forward and are now at the stage to prepare full Field/Beta testing.  With our partner, Phasor aims to provide the best technical solution to the super yacht market; one that is very low profile (2” high), bandwidth efficient, aesthetically attractive, and scalable to accommodate a range of connectivity requirements.”


Phasor’s very low profile, electronically steerable antenna (ESA) provides high-bandwidth services in a more reliable, robust and failure-tolerant way. The antenna is solid-state, with no moving parts, so satellite signals are tracked electronically. The ESA can be flat or conformal in design and can be fitted more seamlessly to moving vehicles, including an aircraft fuselage, a cruise ship or a high speed train. The same technology is very well suited to support traditional fixed satellite networks (FSS), High Throughput Satellites (HTS), and Non-Geosynchronous (NGSO) satellite networks. Moreover, the antenna’s modular architecture allows the system to be scaled to virtually any use-case requirement, fixed or mobile.

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