Effective communication is vital to successful project management. In the digital age, we are in the fortunate position of using multiple devices to share and collaborate information. Communication between yacht crew, management companies, shipyards, contractors, and other third parties should no longer be complicated and stressful.

But so often, it still is. Why? The simple answer is too much information comes from too many directions.

Welcome to “information overload.”

This means modernizing how you manage work lists and streamline communication is an essential commodity. Aside from the stress-reducing benefits, the time and cost-saving implications should have your attention firmly fixed on the solution.

To this end, Pinpoint Works was created by experienced yacht crew to challenge the old ways of working with notepads, Excel sheets, and endless email chains. It is an interactive work list, and project management platform for marine industry professionals used extensively in the super yacht industry and other large mainstream leisure craft builders.

Pinpoint Works documents and facilitates the coordination of work required for new builds, refits, and other shipyard periods. The system combines a vessel’s GA (general arrangement) with a live, up-to-date work list to organize all necessary work, allowing users to collaborate efficiently and effectively wherever they are located.

Nicola Nicolai, Founder and Project Management Director at Nicolai Yacht Consulting, shares his positive experience using Pinpoint Works for the last several years. “It undoubtedly helped us improve our efficiency in meetings, inspections, and documentation requirements. We are more productive and efficient working with all the stakeholders (designers, naval architects, shipyards, contractors, and technicians) across multiple projects simultaneously, which is critical for our growing business. Having worked for large new build shipyards, I believe Pinpoint Works should be the standard in project documentation among all stakeholders.”

Work list points are pinned to the GA, shared with users, and tracked in real-time using the native web and mobile apps. Basic information such as a title, description, status, and priority are added along with a specific location or locations designated directly onto the GA. Bespoke Custom Fields and Tags can be added to replicate various columns of data from existing spreadsheets allowing you to customize the work lists for your projects. Photos, videos, and documents help clarify precisely what needs to be done in a visual way to reduce confusion even further.


Information is shared with colleagues and crew using different access levels to track and communicate job progress in one place, meaning all parties have access to the latest information. Comments are used to track work list updates within the system, and information is dated and time-stamped to maintain accountability.

Information can be quickly sorted, filtered, and exported to PDF for fast, professional, formatted reporting. Outstanding jobs can be placed on hold, canceled, or moved to a new work list to be completed in due course. But as every job is logged, nothing falls through the cracks.

Albert McIlroy, Project Build Director at Optimus Navis, has reduced lengthy emails, phone calls, and meetings using the software. “Information is presented with supporting documentation, pictures, and descriptions. Minor non-conformities and Warranty items are documented and reported quickly, resulting in rapid response and saving time.”

Additional features include tracking costs, visualizing planned work dates on a timeline, and setting reminders for specific tasks.

Pinpoint Works makes it easy for yachting professionals to organize and improve communication from anywhere worldwide, saving time, money, and resources for all parties involved.

As Sean Truscott, Chief Engineer at Infinite Project, nicely summed up, “When you come across a new tool for your bag that can manage certain aspects of your project better than the trusty old spreadsheet, it is wise to embrace it.”

In 2021, the industry sold a record 887 superyachts worldwide, nearly twice the previous year’s total. With a limited number of qualified people available to complete these jobs, technology must play a part in allowing us to be more effective on a daily basis.

If you haven’t already made the switch, there is no better time to implement Pinpoint Works as your project management software for any new build or refit project.

Meet the Pinpoint Works this year at:

  • Monaco Yacht Show | Sep 28th – Oct 1st at La Rascasse, with ACREW, Monaco
  • Superyacht Technology Network Show | Oct 11th – 12th at The Barcelona World Trade Centre
  • METSTRADE Show | Nov 15th – 17th at the RAI, Amsterdam

If you’re ready to try Pinpoint Works, email Stuart at stuart@pinpointworks.com. We look forward to helping you work smarter.

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