Now most of us are locked inside our home offices, we would like to invite you for our OMNIYON webinars on the 30th of April or the 7th of May.

Over the last 6 years we have developed a real innovative product that greatly improves the UX of yacht and property owners. Just as important, OMNIYON can make the lives of AV/IT system integrators, property managers, yachting crew and everyone else that deals with the AV system, much easier.
OMNIYON is a high-end media & control platform, that brings value & innovation in different ways. In the webinar, we will let you discover what OMNIYON exactly is. Is it a movie server, an app, a control system? You will learn what it is, how it works and why it is an improvement to other traditional sources.

Our product philosophy is that media & control can be merged into one product, brought together in a clean, configurable and highly responsive User Interface, while moving away from programming a complete system, moving towards ‘integration by configuration’ in a very easy-to-use web interface that we call the OMNIYON Manager. Where content management, AV-Zone configuration, GUI setting, live TV configuration, comfort controls (lights, blinds, etc.) and AV-equipment control are all managed centrally.

OMNIYON is purely software. It simply runs on enterprise grade hardware, meaning full flexibility for all parties involved.

In our webinar we will explain WHY and HOW OMNIYON adds value. In addition, we will show you how easy it is to configure an OMNIYON system, and the different AV-Zones within that system of the property or yacht.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our webinar. Of course we can answer questions during the event, or come back to your questions afterwards should there be too many.

See you then!

Team YachtCloud