Announcing the new s-Series range of DirecTV and WorldviewTM satellite TV antennas – the s100N, the 1m successor of the s100HD and a new 1.3m model, the s130N. The new s-Series marine satellite TV systems enable simultaneous reception of the DirecTV satellites positioned at 99 W, 101 W and 103 W, delivering UHDTV reception and DVR compatibility for a truly ‘just like home’ experience. Viewers onboard can watch different channels on multiple televisions, using multiple receivers at the same time. 

Designed on our innovative and highly reliable NX platform, the radomes also match our NX Series of satellite communication antennas, for a symmetrical dual installation. 


• Global TV coverage and simultaneous DirecTV 99, 101 and 103W for a 4K/HD viewing experience• New antenna systems based on the innovative NX platform• New Dual TVRO mediator for dual antenna operation to mitigate blockage• New Trio Worldview TM LNB with satellite tracking on all polarizations and frequency bands• Unlimited azimuth range for an uninterrupted viewing experience• New user-friendly AptusNTV dashboard for PC, tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi• Multi-switch module (MSM) with built-in SWM30 and 4×8 multi-switch included• Identical NX radome and optional matching-size radome for s130N in v150NX• Intellian global support and warranty, with 3 years on parts and 2 years on labour

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