The Superyacht Technology Conference is fast approaching and how to achieve the best broadband connectivity whilst at sea and in port has a prominent place on the agenda.  5G, IoT and Private Networks are the latest technologies to catch people’s eyes, however, perfecting the basics is still a necessity for many skippers.

Of course, satellite has traditionally been the data connectivity tool of choice for the shipping industry with most yachts sporting their own VSAT.

However, these days most cellular networks can provide coverage up to 40km/25 miles out to sea. As the majority of superyachts tend to spend their time in-port or hugging the coast, cellular can almost always be used for 4G data to complement onboard connectivity services to ensure the best speeds and stability for guests.

The use of Global SIM cards to use 4G means that there’s no need for juggling SIMs or paying exorbitant roaming costs `as a yacht moves around the world. Global SIM cards can access multiple networks within one country and across borders.  These cards automatically select the best available network, with the best price, to ensure optimised connectivity. A multi-SIM router enables ship-wide Wi-Fi for all devices.

Land Based Mobile

Take this real-life example of a superyacht that splits its time between the Mediterranean in the Summer and the Caribbean in the Winter.

This is where the Global SIMs of Telecom26, a Global Connectivity Provider, come into their own as the same SIM can be used in both regions for near-shore connectivity.  There are no limits on data which is very helpful in the Caribbean where data can be limited by providers.  In addition, a single price plan is available with different bundles for different amounts of data and regions.

For the skipper of the yacht, the headaches of providing always-on, fast and reliable connectivity disappear as they have a single point of control, management, reporting and support with the SIM Management portal.  Telecom26 also provides a unique offering, with a local IP address, so guests on the yacht can access home content. For example, a US subscriber on a yacht in the Mediterranean using a Spanish network can still access their US Netflix account.

Telecom26 works with best-of-breed companies across the telecoms and superyacht industries to provide connectivity including MIMO Connect and Celerway.

To provide connectivity to his portfolio of superyacht customers, Matthew Buley of MIMO uses both VSAT and Telecom26’s Global Roaming Service which provides seamless connectivity across 1100 cellular networks from over 650 mobile operators in more than 220 countries.

Matthew comments “Our customers’ customers are owners and charterers. They demand the same levels of capacity and speeds as they’d get on-shore.  Mixing VSAT and cellular enables us to access the best available networks wherever the yacht ventures”.

 “Celerway offers the ideal technology for any yacht operator that requires high-capacity connectivity while on the move. Our software’s ability to simultaneously utilise multiple networks significantly improves guest and crew experience through increased speed, uptime and fallback connectivity,” says Audun Fosselie Hansen, CEO of Celerway Communication, which is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

If you would like to learn more about how your superyacht can have the best internet connectivity possible then please visit stand number 2 at The Superyacht Technology Conference to learn more about the combined offerings of Celerway, MIMO and Telecom26 and how they are using 4G, LTE, IoT, Global SIM Cards, Private and Semi-Private Networks to improve on-board broadband coverage.

The Superyacht Technology Conference takes place on 14/15 October in Barcelona.

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