SYT iQ is the virtual superyacht intelligence expert for every key decision-maker or discerning yacht owner. The superyacht business is a very confidential industry which means information can often be limited, inconsistent or simply wrong.  There is a need, therefore, for an intelligence system that provides accurate and reliable intel that enables users to draw the right conclusions and make the best business decisions. Here are 10 reasons why SYT iQ is an essential tool:

1. A comprehensive fleet database (10,261 yachts 24m+):

It contains the most accurate and comprehensive database on the global superyacht fleet (10,261 yachts), and is approximately 99% complete for yachts over 30m. SYT iQ goes the extra mile, providing detailed information on sales, refits, casualties, flags, owners, contact details and location.

2. Construction book insights (833 yachts in-build):

SYT iQ gives rare insights into the construction books of superyacht builders. Gathering information on the new-build segment is challenging and time-consuming, but they do it because it offers users the possibility of assessing the current state of the market as well as identifying potential business opportunities.

3. SYT iQ know the sales market (12,000 deals):

SYT iQ provides vast information on yacht sales over 24m, new yachts coming onto market, price reductions, days on market, and central agents making sure you are always ahead of the game. You can not only find the best deals available on today’s market but analyse the records of all yacht sales in recent years, identifying new trends.

4. SYT iQ know the owners (3,603 of them):

Discover the owners of yachts, plus their current and historic fleets. An owner is only listed after being verified through meticulous research. Discovering information such as owners’ nationalities can help identify markets and trends.

5. Receive daily updates:

In a daily email SYT iQ users are notified about the latest name changes, price changes, yachts launched, new completions, sold yachts and new listings. Everything you need to know can be found in one email. SYT iQ also utilises short notes for as-and-when news announcements. Be it casualties, sales rumours, owner names or auctions.

6. Discover industry professionals:

SYT iQ provides contact details for superyachts, shipyards, companies, senior crew, and project managers. SYT iQ users have access to the contact details of more than 3,100 professionals and 6,700 companies.

7. Customise searches

You can customise their data to your own requirements, monitor a specific segment or fleet of yachts, and receive direct updates on any type of activities within the fleet.

8. Learn a yacht’s history

SYT iQ not only provides the latest data and updates but also comprehensive information on the yacht’s history, including past sales, casualties, refits, past owners and crew.

9. Refit histories and current status (11,000)

You can track a boat’s refit history as well as the latest yachts going into refit, including the location and type of work.

10. Put together by experts (the SYT Intelligence Team)

Finding the right information about the superyacht market does not only take a lot of time but also requires knowledge and principles. SYT iQ team have established a strict set of guidelines to make sure they can present the most accurate data.

Contact them now at to schedule a demonstration.  The Superyacht Technology Network team are proud to encourage this as a useful tool for the industry.

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