Their exterior doors use a unique drive system ensuring smooth door movement at sea. The drive system can be fully integrated into the onboard safety system, meaning that the doors can be operated both remotely and manually. 

On display at METS were their advanced exterior doors. These doors have been designed and produced in-house since 1980. The know-how and technology that they have developed over the years have since been applied to various other uses, such as driving mechanisms for interior doors, windshields and TV- and panel lifts. 

SYTN spoke to Ronald Vlist, Director of Alukwa at METS to find out more about their products.  They create a solution which is both exquisite in its design and at the same time meets the high demands required for nautical use.  As no superyacht is identical to another every one of their products is completely bespoke and meet the most stringent demands when it comes to safety, comfort and durability. 

They can offer straight, rounded or even conical, painted, stainless steel or with wooden panelling, there really are no restrictions; no restrictions to size or to weight. 

Alukwa BV