Don’t come to the Superyacht Technology Network Summit at ISE because we tell you to, come because they tell you to:

Derek Monroe director at Divergent Yachting, Founder and Chairperson of Superyacht Charities, said:

“The combination of the Superyacht Technology Network Summit with ISE 2022 is perfect.  We are great for each other.  The key players in the superyacht industry will get massive exposure to ISE clients and the ISE clients will get massive exposure to key players in the superyacht industry who by the nature of the owners are UHNWI with not only yachts, but commercial and residential properties, they want them all the be smart, green, efficient, and ahead in terms of technology.  We are looking at everything from power management to superyacht toys to TV and AV.  All of which are at ISE.  I cannot wait for this event, see you there.”

Feargus Bryan has set up the Superyacht Technology Council, alongside Jack Robinson, CEO of Superyacht Technology Network and is also the director of Watermark Yacht Management, said:

“The Superyacht Technology Network Summit should as well as focusing on new technologies, focus on the themes of working together, of collaboration.  We all know the problems but having the opportunity to get people in one place who all have an interest in refreshing the future of the superyacht industry.  We need to see people from across the industry coming to this, so we have representation across all the industry.  Not just technology businesses, but ETOs, management companies, owners and captains need to see this and need to be heard too. See you there on May 12th 2022.”

Kris Hogg is the European Business Manager for Samsung Electronics Europe who said:

“ISE is the global show for any form of integrated technology display, control or living space technology.  It is the only show of its type in the world where residential and commercial products sit side by side.  It has a great reputation in connecting dealers and specifiers to manufacturers and new ideas”.

He added, “ISE is more than just a trade show, it is a whole nexus of education and training plus priceless networking. Then, this year with the Superyacht Technology team bringing the Superyacht Technology Network Summit this makes it even more interesting.  The superyacht industry in not aware of some of the products that are out there that could support multiple people on-board including the owner, guests and crew”.

“Holding the Superyacht Technology Network Summit within the framework of ISE makes perfect logical sense to allow technology companies to communicate with the ETO, build captains and owners representatives.  It will also allow for two-way learning, technology companies do not always understand the absolutely exacting nature of an installation on a superyacht, systems need to be far more robust than in residential or commercial spaces”.

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