The Pinpoint Works team was recently in the company of a collective mix of technological organizations, all of whom attended the Superyacht Technology Network Show and Conference held at The World Trade Centre in Barcelona. It was unique to other established industry shows, delivering an exciting new vibe with a captive audience.

The main emphasis of the show’s conference is designed to increase people’s knowledge base in a dynamic and engaging format while allowing companies to share ideas, showcase their solutions, and engage with people of influence, both buyers and sellers. The event program comprises global technology speakers, technology thought leaders, immersive hands-on demos, and workshops. The objective – “learn, share, and inspire.”

Stuart Boyd, head of Business Development at Pinpoint Works, said, “The mix of buyers and sellers was excellent. Even if you were not speaking with direct decision-makers, you were always speaking with people of influence to those decision-makers. Which made for great conversations and unique energy.”

The opportunity to engage with our global audience is crucial to our development as a software company. Our clients have been on a fast-developing journey with us since our product launch 7 years ago – to meet in person with our users and see such a genuine interest in the solution we offer is fantastic.

A change in the date of the next show to March 2024 (a pre-season model) will be a welcome shift to the busy show autumn show season schedule we currently have.

The show was a productive networking event and informative exchange of ideas, and we look forward to being in attendance in 2024.

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