Just ETOs Ltd has brought certified audio-visual systems training to the Netherlands.  Their next Yacht Entertainment Systems (YES!) course takes place 16-18th of August near Amsterdam.  The course is borne out of the idea that programming-intensive courses are not suited to most technical crew.  Instead, the course focuses more on common maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

The providers work in close collaboration with Crestron. The systems manufacturer even takes the class for a day during the £900 course. This ensures official technician training and certification for attendees.  The key figures behind the course are Scott Molloy and Sjoerd Appelboom.

Molloy is an ex-yacht AV/IT Engineer of 11 years, and the driving force behind Just ETOs.  Alongside him is lead tutor Appelboom, an AV/IT systems consultant and Crestron Master Programmer.  He has 15 years’ experience with luxury residences and yachts, and has worked in the AV sector for 17 years. The pair’s experience gives them a unique understanding of the equipment, tasks and problems encountered on yachts.

Describing the hands-on course, Molloy said: “The ETO has dozens of systems to look after onboard.  There is rarely time to learn and carry out programming of crucial systems.  There is normally a third-party specialist doing this.  We believe it better to spend time learning administration, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks you will use more often.”


Say YES to Yacht Entertainment Systems training

The course also serves as an overview of the most commonly-encountered system components.  There are extensive Crestron, Kaleidescape, BSS Soundweb and KNX systems.  This is all integrated in a specially adapted media demonstration room.  It’s a real superyacht AV system, without the superyacht.

Molloy also talks about the value of gaining these skills in yachting: “AV system skills are a crucial and unique requirement in the yachting sector.  Yet these skills are constantly in very short supply.  So gaining AV skills and certification is a smart move.”

The pair also ensure complete impartiality to all companies involved in the training.  “To train crew with the most common equipment and tasks, we have to include legacy kit.  We’re not here to showcase anyone’s latest tech.” says Appelboom.  “One of the courses’ principles is zero bias towards any of the involved companies.   Scott doesn’t even mention his recruitment services!”


Impartiality is a key part of the training


YES! was initially aimed at those looking for their first electronics job on a yacht.  However, the training is also popular with mechanical engineers on middle-sized yachts.  These vessels often still have high-end AV systems, but no ETO onboard.  Bookings vary from those looking to break into yachting, to existing Chief Engineers, ETOs and ITOs.   Some of those attending are just looking for a refresher.

Our Editor will be attending the August course next week.  Perhaps he will have what it takes to become Crestron accredited! Superyacht Technology News will be creating a documentary around the training.  This will be in our September MYS special edition. To find out more or book your place on a forthcoming course, visit the website or email training@justetos.com 

We look forward to seeing you there!