YOT Store was built on a vision of empowering maritime integrators and suppliers by giving them the technology hardware, tools, and support they need to achieve their goals, no matter what waters they are navigating. Our aim is to become the industry’s preferred technology provider, able to deliver an always-on service, and to be an undisputed asset in their environment. 

Ryan Porter, Co-Founder of YOT Store says: “As a company we are obsessed with staying at the peak of technology trends, undergo regular training updates, and always perform our own case studies to ensure the theory translates into the real world”.

“Unlike any other technology supplier, we are the only yachting technology company that has real-world experience with both onboard and remote supporting technology systems. Because of this, we are highly reactive to the needs of AV/IT companies – when they feel the pressure, they need solid partners they can rely on.”

The Super Yacht market is developing at a fast pace and the technology that supports these vessels at an even faster pace.  Large ocean-going vessels are capable of record-breaking performances thanks to the continuing development in technology, materials and design.

“Designing and manufacturing superyachts is challenging and rewarding. With the increasing size of these vessels, new parameters must be accounted for at both the design and manufacturing stages, and the constantly evolving technology must always be available,” adds Porter.

Porter believes that clear communication is the foundation of the company’s success, and success is cultivated through shared experiences between partners, and on total honesty.

“We’re in a results business, not to sound clichéd, but you are only as good as your last job, with yachting being the niche market it is, this couldn’t be more true,” says Porter, “that’s why we always tell our partners the truth, giving them the time and space they need to make adjustments to their plans, as opposed to us overpromising and underproducing – not a good look for any business.”

Going online

The newly launched YOT Store e-commerce platform is a one-stop-shop for the yachting fraternity – not only is it accessible from anywhere in the world, but also at any time. The platform is a showcase for the YOT Store team’s diverse product offering, as well as a means of ensuring that customers’ invoices, subscriptions and licenses are all in order.

YOT Store has become the go-to technology hub for integrators and maritime suppliers across Europe. The company has lifted the bar on three main areas of procurement:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Price
  • After-sales service

YOT Store guarantees to be more cost-effective than any other supplier and will match the price of any equipment, to ensure quoting efficiency as well as the best price at the time. YOT Store holds thousands of items in stock in their extensive warehouses across Europe and will dispatch on the same day – quicker dispatch means quicker delivery times.

Ryan comments: “We dispatch from the closest warehouse to our customer’s requested delivery location, making us a trusted speedy service partner when it matters most and we are fully endorsed by CISCO, HP, DELL, MICROSOFT, UBIQUITI, RUCKUS, PEPLINK, POYNTING, KERIO, SOPHOS, QNAP, VM WARE, VEEAM to resell and offer an exceptional service.”

While Super Yachts and the builders thereof have close relationships with the technology companies that supply and install the equipment, YOT Store supports all the major technology companies that supply the Super Yacht market. For the end-user, this guarantees peace of mind with an Always-On Service that provides the supplies and tools they need. YOT Store can deliver support for a major project or guide them out of turbulent technical waters.

“YOT Store is the go-to team for round-the-clock support to businesses for all the solutions to meet their needs,” says Porter adding that whether you contact YOT Store on a weekend, late at night by email, phone or WhatsApp, the team is always there, round-the-clock to answer calls or mails; they know how important it is to be there when it counts.

There’s no question that the maritime industry is a high-pressure environment, however, with the YOT team by your side, no builder, sailor, captain or passenger is ever alone.  YOT Store will always be available to guide you out of turbulent technical waters with a team that is always on standby and a solution for every technology and connectivity issue a Super Yacht or building team may experience.   

“Whether there’s s an emergency IT breakdown, you need routine maintenance, or advice on equipment, our support service gives your team a direct line to contact us,” concludes Porter. 

On show

YOT Store will be exhibiting at the Superyacht Technology Show & Conference in Barcelona, the first ever conference dedicated purely to super yacht technology, hosting inspiring global technology speakers, technology thought leaders, immersive hands-on demos, and workshops.

Kris Cardona, IT Director, Co-Owner and diagnostics genius at YOT Store will be speaking and will offer an inspiring TechTalk and knowledge sharing session during the Barcelona show. This will be a dedicated space for the Super Yacht tech buyers and providers to learn, share and be inspired. Stop by and come meet the YOT Store team on 11- 12 October 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

More About Ryan Porter

With an impressive career in marine electrical engineering, superyacht refits and being part of a crew on some of the world’s most advanced superyachts for over a decade, Ryan Porter is an ETO who can confidently say he knows his stuff.

Porter grew up in the south-east of the England, left school at 16 to join a six-year apprenticeship scheme with a marine electrical company in Suffolk. Porter has worked on tugs, trawlers and commercial vessels in the ship repair/instrumentation division, learning the trade, and graduated with an HND in electrical/electronics.

More about YOT Store

YOT Store was founded and is driven by partners with practical experience. Both partners have a love of technology and recognised IT skill set and have developed a solid reputation in the Superyacht Industry as “the go-to team” you call when there’s an IT problem on board.

Adding YOT Store as a partner means you will have access to the entire suite of products from


The YOT Store E-commerce store will give every business on-the-spot pricing, datasheets for all equipment and provide a customer portal to keep your orders, subscription and licenses organised in one hub. As an industry safety net, YOT Store is always ready to assist our customers whenever issues or breakdowns occur. YOT Store are out-of-the-box thinkers who have years of experience of designing, installing and troubleshooting IT systems onboard water-faring vessels and as a company serve IT to all. www.yotstore.com

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