The Monaco Yacht Show this year, passed by in a flurry of connections, visits and business for Superyacht Technology News.  The buzz of the people we met with was contagious and the organisation of the Monaco Yacht Show itself this year was faultless.

It really is the best yacht show in the world. 

With 600 exhibitors this year and 125 superyachts on display it was one of the largest I have attended and by the end of it, our feet certainly felt like we had walked the show over and over again, to ensure we saw everything new!  Our clients and all the exhibitors we walked past seemed to have serious conversations taking place and brokers we spoke to said that interest was high.  The topics that came up time and time again were privacy, cybersecurity, ecological advances and sustainability.  As always, Superyacht Technology News will bring you immediate updates as we receive them.

Here we highlight the businesses, meetings and announcements that really made this our best Monaco Yacht Show ever.

Azuz IT

Azuz IT at the show promoting their association with Attochron, changing the way we think about traditional internet. Offering laser-based internet, with current speeds of a gigabit per second+ and little interference from weather conditions, this technology is suited to superyacht requirements.

Find out more about the laser-based internet here. 

Barcelona 2020

The interest in our Superyacht Technology Conference to be held in Barcelona on 1st and 2nd April 2020 was incredible.  Our two-day event with 20 workshops, 16 speakers, 400 delegates will cover topics such as electronics, engineering, lighting, power and ecology.  View here to find out more.


We met with John Clancy, Daniel Kerkoff and Philip Semples (see photo below) to find out more about their Crestron Marine Programme designed for shipbuilders, specifiers and ETOs with Crestron set to award a number of its dealers with Crestron Authorised Marine Dealer status.  Find out more about the programme here.



CELLweaver were showcasing their CELLweaver SC (Supercharged) unit on the stand of Mr. Smith, highlighting the collaboration of their exceptional bandwidth router with stunning audio-visual equipment.  Providing high internet speeds ideal for data-intensive applications, whilst using a single IP address so that services like online banking are still accessible.  Their range is 40km and now has worldwide coverage.  Their latest version is 5G ready, so future proof your internet by choosing CELLweaver.  For more information view.

Cellweaver staff (c) Superyacht Technology News   CELLweaver Supercharged (c) Superyacht Technology News   Cellweaver staff Superyacht Technology News

Deep Blue Soft

Deep Blue Soft released its first version of yacht management software in 2013, it has now developed into a first-class industry-specific software solution.  Partnering with yachting maritime labour specialists, captains and senior crew they have built a software template which works for small crew and large crew numbers alike.  They have 8 core modules available including a financial package, a human resource package, maintenance package, charter guidelines, ISM module, fleet dashboard and offline sync which you can use bespoke to your needs along with the core software which records all yacht and crew documents, certificates and events plus much more.  To find out more visit their website.

Deep Blue Soft (c) Superyacht Technology News

Deep Blue Soft (c) Superyacht Technology News

Excelerate Z

We spent time on MY Excelerate Z, David Savages’ 13-year-old Sunseeker 94 superyacht has a Garmin integrated bridge, with Excelerate DDMI (Digital Dashboard Management Interface) fully integrated to allow for easy use of connectivity for 4G and VSAT.  All the comms can be reconfigured or controlled from an app remotely.  This, of course, can be offered to all other yachts too.  Excelerate Marine are a full end-to-end supplier, integrator and maintainer of everything concerning yacht technology including communications, bridge systems, IT, audiovisual, entertainment and security.  For more information view the website.

Evening on Excelerate Z   Evening on Excelerate Z


We discussed the new M300 thermal camera series which launched at the Monaco Yacht Show.  The FLIR M300 series cameras are designed for the most demanding professional mariners and first responders who operate in the harshest marine environments.  The M300 series combines thermal and high-definition visible imaging to offer professional mariners increased situational awareness and safer navigation.  Read here for more information.



Generating interest for the Superyacht Technology Conference, April 2020

We had great feedback from everyone we spoke to about the Superyacht Technology Conference in Barcelona, April 2020.  With most sponsorship spots now sold get in touch with us quickly to secure your space.


Based in Mallorca, Horizon ME is a fast-growing marine electronics company offering expertise in navigation, satellite TV, IT networks, marine cameras, stabilization, AV and liting solutions.  They have a team of highly skilled and qualified technicians to assist with all technical support.  Find out more about Horizon Marine Electronics here.  

Ince & Co

Superyachts are valuable assets which are subject to changing laws and regulations. It is essential that you have lawyers to help, who understand your goals and protect your interests at every stage of ownership.  Ince & Co have a global network of specialist lawyers to help every step. We spent time talking to Martin Malinowski and Thomas Schwenke from the Hamburg office.  For more information visit their website. 


We met with Matthew Humphreys and Georgia Gay of Intellian Technologies who are responsible for the sales and business development for European VSAT and TVRO systems within the maritime industry.  A leading global provider of satellite antenna systems, Intellian has consistently built upon its patented RF and tracking technologies and products that support a wide range of industries, including commercial maritime, offshore energy, defence and intelligence and luxury yachting.  Read more here and visit their website.

Intellian Marine Specialist (c) Superyacht Technology News

Matthew Humphreys and Georgia Gay of Intellian Technologies

Jack Robinson & Joanna Palmer

With 13+ years each in the superyacht industry (both in media and technology) Jack Robinson and Joanna Palmer are passionate about emerging tech for superyachts.  Contact us with all your breaking news, questions you want to be answered and information about our publications and events on and

With a great team of technical writers, design professionals and SEO experts you can be sure that your superyacht tech information gets read by the right people.

Superyacht Technology Team

Joanna Palmer (far left) and Jack Robinson (far right) with Matthew Humphreys and Georgia Gay of Intellian Technologies

K4 Mobility Inc

Mark Theissen, ex-Director of Marlink, has now moved to K4 Mobility Inc as their Sales Director and introduced us to the Co-Founder & President and GFO where we discussed the business and found out more about their digital technology and internet services for the superyacht industry.  K4 Mobility mission is to build and operate a secure digital platform to harness the power of the internet for maritime, with an inspiring, clear, and convenient technology path for cutting-edge performance.  K4’s digital platform uses software algorithms to select the best networks, among the satellites and terrestrial options available.  You can learn more here.


We attended a few breakfast briefings, but this one from De Keizer was fascinating providing us with a full update on new technologies within the business including, sustainable power, tender battery packs and AVIT systems.  However, the technology that caught my attention the most was the development of their lighting.  They have been thoroughly investigating the output of light and identified that in many situations lights are put on and then dimmed leading to up to 80% of the energy required is wasted.  Lighting is one of the design elements that can be one of the most important of your yachting experience, their lighting architects develop a personalised lighting plan.  Ranging from automatically changing tuneable LED lights to the application of OLED intelligent wallpaper they work with you to ensure an overall sense of wellbeing and reduce light pollution.  To find out more about their lighting and all other marine engineering services please visit

Ke Keizer Breakfast Briefing (c) Superyacht Technology News

MB92 announcement

Announced on day one during the show that MB92 had been purchased by Squircle Capital, who also own OneOcean Port Vell.  MB92 Group has benefited from continued growth and now looks forward to a new phase of expansion.  For more information and the full press release, read it here on Superyacht Technology News.  We also had the pleasure of speaking to Rob Papworth, their Operations Director about the future of power, the future of sustainability.  We will write more about this in a future release.

MB92 Monaco Yacht Show (c) Superyacht Technology News

Martek Counter UAS

Jack Robinson, spoke to the Martek team about drone defence, view the video here.  For more information about Martek Counter UAS you can view their website. 

Martek staff Amy Johnson & Alex Roskoss   Martek video (c) Superyacht Technology News

Need visibility?

For businesses looking to attract the attention of Captains, Chief Engineers, ETO and AVIT officers its essential that you participate in our conference.  It is the only conference specifically designed to bring manufacturers and buyers of technology for the superyacht industry together.  Currently with sponsors such as Sony, Speedcast, WinterHaven, Riela, YachtCloud,  CELLweaver, Creston, FarSounder, DeepBlueSoft, Peplink and Intellian.  In order to you’re your business the visibility it deserves please contact and view

Orbis Yacht

Adrien Pasqualon and Agata Widuto met with us to talk in more detail about their high-quality internet and multimedia content delivery.  You can read more about Orbis Yacht here.

Orbis Yacht (c) Superyacht Technology News

Orbis Yacht (l) Agata Widuto (r) Adrien Pasqualon

Palladium Technologies

Since 1991, Palladium Technologies has been providing state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies to meet the complex monitoring and control requirements of modern superyachts. Their flagship product, SiMON, has won widespread acclaim throughout the industry for its depth of integrated monitoring and control capabilities, its rich user graphics, and its ease of use.  Palladium offers a wide range of fully integrated solutions that encompass all aspects of superyacht management and control, including IT systems, cybersecurity, monitoring and alarm systems,  AV entertainment systems and lighting systems along with complete electrical design and electrical systems throughout the yacht.  Find out more here.

Quiet time

We didn’t get the chance to relax but if we had, my quiet time would have been here…

Hot tub view from MY Zozo

Hot tub view from MY Zozo

Ryan Porter, Yot Store

Ryan Porter took a marine electrical apprenticeship at the age of 16 and by 25 was an ETO on one of the largest yachts in the world.  His passion for technology on superyachts, matched with his experience onboard makes him the perfect ambassador for Superyacht Technology Conference.  In 2018 he joined forces with a like-minded IT guru, Kris Cardona (ex-IT manager from E3), and they created Yot Store. The Yot Store has taken away the complexity associated with IT services and product sourcing and makes them fully accessible to all. Think Amazon for superyacht tech supported by certified engineers. You can find out more here.


Displaying their Crystal LED technology on the YachtCloud/TIG stand at the show you could experience the ultimate picture with spectacular brightness, vivid colours and extraordinary contrast with sparkling highlights and deep blacks. Advanced Crystal LED technology is the awe-inspiring choice for superyachts.  Watch their video here to find out more and read more about SONY in our Winter Blueprint in November.  Find out more about Sony CLED here. 

Techno Group

Technogroup with Solysys gives you a full turn-key solution for all of your media and control needs.  It’s a fully customisable entertainment system that provides you with the ability to fully control, store, and stream IPTV, movies, videos, music and pictures right from your media server.  Solsys also allows for the integration of your CCTV system and navigation information.  For more information contact for audio, visual and lighting specialists in the marine industry with 25 staff in France at St Nazaire and 20 staff in Miami they can offer bespoke service.

Uncovering new superyacht technologies

The industries leading technology news network we uncover all the new superyacht technologies and bring them to you.  Stay up to date with us and superyacht industry technology here.


VBH announced their partnership with Atlas cybersecurity, providing exclusive and cutting edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to superyachts. To find out more read here.

VBH floor Monaco Yacht Show

VBH floor Monaco Yacht Show


Maurizio Minossi introduced us to the new technology from Videoworks launched at the Monaco Yacht Show.  Our press release regarding this is available here


Working in the yachting industry since 1992, however, for the last three years, Joseph Adir has been devoted exclusively to developing WinterHaven Holdings.  Working with a group of highly experienced team members and leading strategic partners pushing the marine centre concept to its limit by introducing unique technological solutions, advanced IT platforms and innovative business models to address the real needs of the Superyacht Industry.  The one and only All-In-One Superyachts Marine Centre, WinterHaven is a new approach to off-season operational, maintenance & refit services for large superyachts. It is also a haven for crews with all amenities and training solutions. It will be the first of its kind in the world. It is not a shipyard; it is not a marina. It is a unique marine “technical mall” concept offering superyachts a one-stop-shop solution, subcontracting most of the services to qualified onsite solution partners.  View the website to contact them to find out more.

Xcellent Show

Total respect to the MYS team who pulled off the best Monaco Yacht Show yet.


Yacht Cloud

We spent time with Roel Van Der Zwet (Commercial & Marketing Director) and Nikusia Kooijmans (Business Development Manager) at YachtCloud.  Their stand at the Rascasse entrance was a non-stop hive of activity, in association with TIG and SONY, they showcased their Omniyon and Gest products, alongside the Sony Crystal LED screen (see the SONY section above).  The stand was provided with an ambient experience by also showcasing the Viveur immersive ambiences (find out more here).

Since 2014, YachtCloud has been specialising in delivering its innovative products and professional services for AV and IT systems.  All products are developed for the specific needs of superyachts and are aimed at improving life on board for owners and guests; whilst also increasing productivity and efficiency for the crew.  Find out more in our interview with Andre Klepper (managing Partner of YachtCloud) here.

For more information about YachtCloud and all their products view their website here.


YachtCloud Team Monaco Yacht Show Yacht Cloud Stand Monaco Yacht Show


We had the privilege of being invited on board by the captain of M/Y Zozo, Matthew Mackay and David Savage of Excelerate Technology Group as M/Y Zozo Sunseeker 131 which happens to be an Excelerate customer since 2016.  Zozo is currently up for sale, more details are here.

In an industry that is predicted to have a global value of £8.28 billion by 2025 (according to Research & Markets, research group), the above is just a small indication of the hundreds of incredible products available to enhance your superyacht.

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