One of the advantages of modern systems and technologies like smartphones and tablets is that they can partly or completely replace traditional processes which have never been very effective.

For instance, keeping paper records of accounting, maintenance, and anything else on a superyacht is not simply inconvenient but often nearly impossible. There is often a real need for managing teams to access documents remotely, something which is only possible via the use of digital tools.

Setting things up

The app has been designed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind. After downloading it, the respective user will instantly be able to set up the vessel’s details in an intuitive interface.

This, of course, includes details about the vessel itself as well as the crew and the various forms that the management, captain, or other crew members might require. Some areas, like the forms, are only accessible after the user pays for a subscription plan.

According to Cameron, subscription plans for Efficient Seaare some of the most flexible in the market. The app allows users to subscribe for 1 month so that they can see if the systems works for them or opt for longer subscriptions of 3, 6, or 12 months. Should the user need to suspend the subscription for a period of time, all the details and records are kept within the login until you’re ready to go again, nothing is lost.

A simple but powerful tool

As mentioned before, one of the things that the captain focused on was keeping things simple. The Efficient Sea app can be used by anyone who needs to access the related documents including management companies, captains, high-level engineers, and superyacht owners.

The app is cloud-based, which means that users can archive documents indefinitely. The interface has been designed to be as quick and responsible as possible while ensuring that record keeping is accurate.

All the forms required are already loaded inside the app. Of course, the vessel documents can also be customised within the app and saved as an ongoing template and also has a seamless integration with Google Sheets. Each piece can also be protected individually via a password so management can allow access to certain parts while keeping others secure.

One example that The Efficient Sea app demonstrates is that captains and officers will no longer need to go through the slow and inconvenient process of printing and filling out paper forms, manually scanning digital copies, and then sending them off to the appropriate authorities. Instead, they can simply complete a detailed report within the app, sign with your fingertip and then send it off with a single tap.

The future of SY vessel management

Convenient and efficient applications on superyachts are always readily adopted by forward-thinking captains and management companies and it certainly looks like Efficient Sea will follow that kind of trajectory.

Complete vessel management systems which can work in any situation can be extremely time-saving. Combine that with an accurate and detailed system and you can see why captains may be inclined to give Efficient Sea a try.

Easy safety management

One of the app’s core functions is to provide everything necessary for complete ISM and SMS systems. Using a single iPad, captains can easily complete and submit all relevant ISM forms. There are numerous different forms on offer which are suitable for all kinds of vessels.

According to the team, The Efficient Sea app’s ISM system can ensure compliance for various inspections including audits, port, and state inspections, insurance claims, and operational compliance requests.

The same goes for SMS too. Standing orders, crew duties and responsibilities, grievances and complaints, and everything else related to SMS management can be easily accessed through the app. If there are existing digital tools in place, these can also be copied into the app for quick access.