Expert piece by Connor Taggart, Senior Account Manager EMEA Call Systems Technology (CST)

Interior technology is continuing to advance within the Superyacht sector. In 2018 we will see a surge of interactive equipment becoming available as voice-control assistants and intuitive technology make their way on to the scene in some of the year’s most significant advances. The aim is to elevate the guest experience still further. Despite the advent of these assistants, the need for quiet discretion remains and essentials such as call button technology will continue to remain popular to drive that all-important guest experience.

Technology moves at an alarming rate leaving captains and operators querying if the purchase of today will be applicable for tomorrow. Superyacht operators need to keep pace with guest expectations. The number of HNWI is increasing and they’re becoming younger. Their proliferation and younger outlook demand more cutting-edge technology from the Superyacht community, however, a balance needs to remain between utilising the best available technology and maintaining discreet levels of service. The crew should be instantly on hand without constantly being in view and it is only with some of the latest technology that this can be achieved to the highest standards. In this vein, we’re seeing a growing need for new technology that is not only cutting-edge, but also built to be as discreet as possible.


Integration has been evident within the sector but will continue to be a key trend in Superyacht technology in the near future. A truly connected experience benefits not only the guests but also the crew. This move to unify communication channels means that, instead of carrying pagers, multiple radios and a phone, the crew can carry one device with the capacity to do the job of several. Audio-visual and call systems are set to increase in importance for the Superyacht sector in 2018, to ensure the experience is even more seamless for guests.

Superyacht technology will continue to move into a more bespoke era for 2018, with a greater degree of customisation applied to all products on board. An increasing number of Superyachts are becoming more individualistic to meet and exceed owner’s requirements. With this, we see greater personalisation of yacht systems, designed to fit the interior and exterior of each yacht.

With all of this in mind, the focus on maintaining an unobtrusive guest experience will only grow. In today’s fast-paced world, owners truly value time spent on their yachts, which should be private and hassle-free. Technology should always enhance the stay for guests but keep crew duties simple and effective. Maintaining this atmosphere while providing an unrivalled level of service is an essential component of Superyacht hospitality. Captains and crew will be looking to achieve the perfect balance of service for their guests.

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