What’s happened to your privacy?

Data is now worth more than oil in global markets and remember you don’t have any rights to own your data. For some time I maintain a professional Facebook page only and use a search engine like www.duckduckgo.com rather than the big players. It depends how much you value your privacy but if you think you can’t be influenced it’s simple, you can. The campaign for data ownership to be treated as a human right goes on, judging by Trump’s latest move to impose sanctions against the French we don’t even have the right to expect taxes to be paid on services used by our own citizens, so data ownership is a long way off.

“The most worrying thing is, the Superyacht Industry has no data security compliance requirements. Management companies, yacht brokerage office’s and crew agencies all acquire and hold extremely sensitive personal data such as yacht’s papers/accounting, medical information and passports. There’s no way for clients to know that their documents and information are safe from security breaches.. as there are no regulators checking internal systems for the Superyacht Industry. I have been trying to create awareness of this issue for the last 18 months.”