Read ETO X: DMX RGB lighting systems: the hunt for reliability

“DMX is an industry standard in control. Its prime usage has always been in theatrical and stage lighting and effects, and it is an extremely “robust” control protocol when used correctly.

Its reliability is only as good as the infrastructure it is transmitted on (Cable, Connectors etc.) I have visited projects in the past where clients have been having issues and in nearly all cases the issues have been traced to cable and connector issues.

It is essential to use good screened cable designed for DMX and install a terminator at the end of each DMX cable run to ensure interference is not picked up or transmitted.

In my opinion, DMX is still the best option for the control of RGB lighting where colour change and effects are required. Working with Savage we always use this method on our projects with excellent results.

For the control of Pyrotechnics there are specialist control systems provided by companies such as Lemaitre ltd, which would be a better option for such applications.”

Nick Cranston

Owner & Managing Director  

Crest Systems Engineering Limited