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McIntosh MHT300 – A Film Enthusiast’s Powerhouse

The AVR is an uncompromising 7.2 (or 5.2.2) channel home theatre powerhouse sure to heighten your emotional connection to what you are watching.A home theater audio/video processor should connect all home theatre audio and video components, be easy to use, and produce...

Mr Cinema blockbusters at a yacht near you

Imagine hearing this announcement on your flight: ‘We are now cruising at an altitude of 35 thousand feet, and the inflight movies are about to begin. The captain’s Netflix password is DanDare72, please feel free to use his account.’ A pilot sharing his streaming...

Legal early release film content, especially curated for superyachts

Mr. Smith is delighted to announce their partnership with Filmbankmedia to provide legal early-release film content, specifically curated for superyachts, using bespoke technology - a first for the industry. Jacco van der Stelt of Mr. Smith said  “A large part of the...

Kalediscape new releases

Kaleidescape, maker of the ultimate movie player, announced the release of the new Kaleidescape compact Terra 22 terabyte (TB) movie server, replacing its compact Terra 18TB, and the release of the new Terra 88TB movie server, replacing its Terra 72TB server. ... & Kaleidescape Partner to Curate the Ultimate Luxury Cinema Experience

Today, and Kaleidescape announced a strategic partnership that transforms home cinema. Deep-linking integration with Kaleidescape enables’s proprietary voice control to launch any title saved to a client’s content library. Kaleidescape customers are...


Genesis Technologies Marine is partnering with Meridian Audio, the award-winning British audio pioneer, that has been creating innovative audio technologies and elegant, high-performance audio products since 1977, to be able to offer Meridian’s range of premium...

A New Digital Era for Onboard Communications

When you’re at home, it’s easy to watch whatever you want whenever you want. With an abundance of movie services and high-speed connectivity, the hardest part is deciding what to watch. At sea, the challenge becomes how to watch what you want to watch. On a...

Seeing is believing 

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘build a bridge and get over it’? Well electronics giant Samsung has gone one better. It’s built The Wall, a customised modular micro-LED display, and there’s definitely no getting over this.   An owner’s journey begins long...

Movers and Shakers

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. One wonders, however, how much of today’s innovations are driven by simple necessity? With the obvious exceptions of crew safety, communications and security, our industry is largely driven by desires over...

Luxury technology that not only meets but exceeds expectations

Taking into account that we can't solve the big problems of the world, at least not over dinner, a major problem yacht owners’ have is centred around the gap in innovation and technology and the high expectations of the client not being met. The unseen details that...



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