Following last week’s announcement, we are delighted to share the exciting news that SYT Network has secured investment, from one of the industry’s giants, Will Faimatea. Will recently joined the Superyacht Technology Network team in Bath.  Jack Robinson confirms answers to some questions that have come to us following the announcement.

Q: So, what does this mean for the Superyacht Technology Network?

A: This investment via a stakeholder acquisition by Will Faimatea, will allow the Superyacht Technology Network to grow. Helping to achieve the company’s core goal of bringing innovators and buyers together in one united and dedicated marketplace and delivering on our targets much more quickly.

Q: What does this mean for The Superyacht Technology Show?

A: The third instalment of the Superyacht Technology Show, is already looking to be the biggest and best yet, with a commitment to quadruple the space alongside a 500-delegate capacity conference featuring a busy schedule of TECHtalks from industry leaders. We look forward to sharing details of the speakers and topics with members of the Superyacht Technology Network, throughout the coming year. In response to member and industry feedback, the show returns in Spring of 2024. This means the show will not run in 2023 but will allow the company to make full use of the opportunities afforded by the additional investment in the build-up to the new dates, announced as 20-21st March 2024.

Additionally, the Superyacht Technology Show will benefit from new members of the team. This will be key in increasing industry representation by the network, including for the first time this year, engineering, as well as the burgeoning green technology sector, taking the show to the next level in terms of networking opportunities, expanding the reach of exhibitors, and enhancing attendee experience.

Q: Why is Will Faimatea a good collaborator for the Superyacht Technology Network?

A: An early trailblazer in the world of superyacht technology, he brings over 30 years of expert experience and shares the enthusiasm for involvement in a platform that brings together companies with a technology focus and puts them in front of a receptive and informed consumer. Having been part of the industry from its first emergence to watching it grow to what it is today, superyacht technology no longer exists as a “nice to have” but absolutely critical in the build, maintenance and operation of the modern yacht.

Q:  Is it Will Faimatea investing or one of Will’s associated companies, such as BOND?

A:  We would like to make it clear that the investment is from Will Faimatea as an individual, rather than any of his associated businesses.  Wanting to be involved in an industry-shaping superyacht business and supporting us through our growth is his reason to invest.  We are delighted to have this collaboration.

Already buoyed by the sell-out success of the 2022 event, this latest announcement makes for a very positive start to the year, and with interest growing fast and early exhibitor bookings already coming in we can’t wait to bring our best show yet, in 2024!  For more information visit and contact us to exhibit, sponsor or attend.


Will Faimatea

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