For those of you lucky enough to join Feargus Bryan and us at the Superyacht Technology Network Show & Conference last week in Barcelona you will have heard about the Superyacht Technology Steering Council.

The old adage, ‘we need to work together as a team’ was more powerful than ever at the event with a great feeling of collaboration (allowing for individual commercial advantage of course).

The idea behind the Steering Council created by Feargus and Jack Robinson, is that we need to have open conversations about technology.  The council will be a forum to nurture and support innovative technologies within yachting, underpinned by the minds and creativity of those more established in the industry. The council are creating pure networks through problem-solving and open conversation.  It is an opportunity to share, to learn, to encourage industry-wide links with universities, to encourage ethics, sustainable yachting, equality and fundamentally collaboration.

The AGM is currently scheduled for June in Monaco.  More information will be available soon.

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