DMS Holland, the international specialist in the field of motion control onboard yachts,
have three groundbreaking roll damping systems in their product range, including the brand new AntiRoll All-In-One Stabiliser.  The AntiRoll All-In-One is a roll damping system which provides stabilization both underway and at zero speed without any compromise of performance.   When the yacht is stationary, the fins make a flapping motion; however, at cruising speed, the fins rotate. Using a dual axis system which is unique (as all competitors use a single axis system).  The main advantage of this is that they are able to stabilise over entire speed ranges.  Although this is for smaller vessels, the original product for larger yachts is the AntiRoll Superyacht Stabiliser which was developed after intensive engineering and test phases in collaboration with MARIN this original system has proved outstanding results.   

More information on both products can be found on their website.  They built the company on three pillars, the first being market knowledge, the second is technological knowledge and the worldwide patents that they hold.   They state themselves that their future is ambitious and they are on their way to becoming a leader in the field of stabilisers for yachts. 
The products are able to be retrofit onto current yachts, providing a positive contribution to speed and reduces resistance and fuel consumption. 
The AntiRoll All-in-One Stabilizer was officially launched here at the METS show and will be available to purchase from summer 2019.     
Superyacht Technology was fortunate enough to spend time with Patrick Noor, Sales & Marketing Director of Dynamic Marine Systems is an expert in the field of motion control on yachts.    
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