A+T launch Wind Sensors with the highest response and accuracy on the market.

A+T Instruments are now shipping the first Short Mast Unit and Vertical Mast Units. The Wind Sensors are fully compatible with the many thousands of 213-type units in use worldwide and with the instruments to which they are connected. The new Wind Sensors combine all of the advantages of digital microprocessor sensing and calibration with the resolution and response of analogue output – making it compatible with all existing systems.

The A+T Wind Sensors offer a much higher angular accuracy and repeatability, with each unit calibrated to 0.2° accuracy. The vane is fully carbon, offering a much faster response design and the bearings are ceramic, providing better performance at low wind speeds and corrosion resistant, helping to give a much longer life. All of the Wind Sensor parts are compatible and interchangeable with the existing 213 units and are held in stock for immediate delivery.

Joanna Palmer from Superyacht Technology Network spoke to A+T to find out more about these, whilst  A+T specialises in instruments for larger yachts, the new A+T wind sensor is for all-sized yachts that want a well-engineered and responsive wind sensor.

Hugh Agnew from A+T told us “the new wind sensor has a higher response and lower inertia than the regular sensors.  They are lighter, with ceramic bearings, a carbon vane, and are digitally calibrated direction in 0.1-degree steps.”

All of this means that it is better engineered, and offers a faster response than other existing wind sensors.

 “The new wind sensor is a classic A+T innovation. It is a major improvement on the sensors that have gone before in both engineering and performance and at the same time provides spare parts for the tens of thousands of 213 type wind sensors that have been fitted to yachts over the last 25 years. Although only announced in the last few weeks we are getting a tremendous number of enquiries and orders and are shipping from stock”, said Hugh Agnew, Director of A+T Instruments.

About A+T Instruments Ltd: A+T Instruments Ltd are based in Lymington UK and was founded by Richard Tinley and Hugh Agnew. Richard has designed instruments his whole career including being the official B&G service centre for 20 years. Hugh Agnew is a race and superyacht navigator and has spent a career building navigation systems for the offshore, military, and yachting markets.

A+T combines their knowledge to design and manufacture, without compromise, the best engineered marine instruments all assembled in the UK by the rapidly growing A+T team.

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