In many cases, a yacht owner’s build team is interested in including FarSounder sonar in their new build. However, at times, hull construction is completed before the owner’s team has made the final selection of electronics and contracted with an electronics supplier/integrator. In these cases, the sonar’s installation design is then treated much like a “refit” project (even if the hull has never entered the water) because the hull design must be adapted for the fairing, adding time and customer costs to the installation.

The best way to reduce the challenges that result in a modification is to have a fairing designed and constructed into the hull from the start.

FarSounder offers advance delivery of their sonar connection cables at no charge for any qualified new build that includes a fairing for one of their sonars. This way, it’s easy for the owner’s team to include the sonar system when they are selecting the rest of the navigation electronics.

FarSounder Argos Forward Looking Sonar Systems greatly improve vessel safety and allow the captain to navigate with confidence along the itineraries demanded by the guests. This program reduces the costs of installing the sonar, making this unique technology more accessible to a greater number of users.

By adding the fairing for an Argos sonar early in the process, there is little additional cost to the hull. This allows the yard to offer yet another value-added feature to its customers. Including this option on the vessel is one more way the yard can demonstrate its commitment to supporting the latest innovations in safety.

Getting started is easy. Follow their Installation Design Guide and Drawing Packages to adapt the Argos fairing designs into your hull.  FarSounder’s engineering team is available for questions and consultation via email and phone. Once the installation design is completed, the engineering team will coordinate with qualified new build projects to send them a Sonar Connection Cable.

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