We’ve already heard what’s on the tech wish lists of our shipyard professionals. However, Superyacht Technology News knows that when it comes to new builds there really is no limit to the amazing technology they can contain. That’s why we’ve been busy testing out recently launched superyacht products in order to compile our pick of the best. Take a look – you won’t be disappointed.

SONY’s CLED Wall 8k by 2K

What makes Sony’s Crystal LED Display System special is its outstanding High Contrast 99% black occupancy, courtesy of the company’s unique ultra-?ne LED (0.003 mm2) technology.

It also has a wide viewing angle of nearly 180° without any colour shift or change in brightness. This is true when moving both horizontally and vertically.

The CLEDIS displays are made from 320 x 360 ZRD1 modules (403 x 453 mm in size). These are bulky modules, each 10Kg in weight and 100 mm thick. However, the tiled displays are completely seamless, thanks to highly accurate alignment and uniformity adjustment.

The product is eligible for Sony’s Prime Support Bespoke, a tailored solution for clients with the most demanding requirements for service and support. With options like next working day spares and on-site technical assistance, the company clearly understands that the dependable performance of an AV communications infrastructure is crucial for the happiness of owners and guests, and aims to keep its products running to perfection.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Aura Aromatherapy’s Dry Oil Diffuser with HVAC integration

These Dry Oil Diffusers are available in either a single or double diffuser, depending on whether the user is content with one scent or wishes to create their own custom blend by diffusing two different aromas at the same time or even to use different scents for different times of the day.

Simply connect one to the yacht’s HVAC system and 110V outlet and those onboard will enjoy their favourite essential oils for 1-2 months (this is the estimated usage time for a 325 ml single canister, it may vary depending on diffusion area, start/stop times and aroma strength levels).

What makes it stand out is the customisable technology behind it. A 7-day programmable timer allows the user to start and stop aroma diffusion at their convenience. Even the aroma strength can be controlled using Aura’s adjustable diffusion cycle function.

The diffusers aren’t just aimed at superyachts – they also are being marketed to Residential, Commercial and Hospitality markets – however, it’s clear that they would be perfect for enhancing the luxury aesthetic of a yacht.

Lonnie Kuenzli, Owner of Aura Aromatherapy, said: “Our family has been producing essential oils for flavouring since 1964. I started development on the dry diffusion systems in 2013. We can diffuse virtually any essential oil at 1 micron. This gives the oil ample oxygen so the top, mid and base notes come out very clearly. The systems also are very efficient. As an example, .5ml/hour will infuse a 1900 cubic metre envelope with a nice level of Lavender. The systems are infinitely adjustable with options of Analog, NFC or smart device Wifi that can operate in LAN or WAN mode. You can check out the app on Google Play or the iTunes store – search Aura Scenting.”

FUSION Entertainment’s second-generation Signature Series speakers

Superior acoustic design and engineering are what caught our attention from the new and enhanced Signature Series speakers from New-Zealand based FUSION® Entertainment. The speakers are available in three power and size options – 330watts/8.8inches, 280 watts/7.7inches and 230 watts/6.5inches – and are said to provide unmatched power delivery, technological advances, enhanced acoustics and refined sound.

Contributing to this is their enhanced woofer magnet system, delivering leaner midrange frequencies and producing louder and clearer audio than the previous Signature range. The tweeter has also been updated for better cut-through and transparency.

Each product is rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection and meets industry standards for UV and salt fog protection. This makes them suited for either indoor or outdoor installation on any superyacht.

The speakers have also undergone a style makeover, featuring a redesigned grille and available in an elegant White and or Chrome finish.

Chris Baird, Managing Director of FUSION, says, “Our Signature Series is fast becoming the benchmark of refined quality and durability in marine audio and the latest evolution of our Signature Series is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We have delivered the most powerful and clearest sound quality on the water, plus an eye-catching grille design to compliment the unique styling of boats of all sizes.”