The way you move around a superyacht could very soon change. ThyssenKrup, a German engineering company, has just completed the first round of tests for its lift that can move both horizontally and vertically.

The product, dubbed Multi, also operates without cables, instead using rails and magnetic fields to transport any passengers. The cabins move along the rails using the fields, in a similar design to an in-building hyperloop.

Multiple lifts can also operate seamlessly at one time, as cabins can shift to the side to allow another lift to take its place if needed. The lifts can also autonomously plan their routes, meaning less time waiting for your lift to arrive and fewer jams.

Once on the market, this could mean multiple guests could move effortlessly around the vessel at once to whichever destination they desired. What’s more, requests could be fulfilled even quicker, cutting out room to room traveling time and leaving crew with more energy to focus on other activities.

Elevators have been used in superyacht designs for years, but with this new rope-free system shipyards will no longer have to fit their ideas around lift shaft height and vertical alignment.

Watch the video here.