Yesterday’s CES Unveiled took an exclusive first look at select tech products coming to market in 2018. Here are our two favourites for the superyacht industry:

KOHLER Verdera Smart Mirror

This voice-controlled mirror features the ever-popular Amazon Alexa. As such, you can ask it to read the news, adjust mirror lighting or stereo sound, control other paired gadgets on the yacht, or do pretty much anything else you can think of. With a built-in dual microphone and sealed casing ensuring the technology is protected from water damage through splashes or condensation, the mirror can be used in any room onboard.

It is also able to detect motion. This allows it to illuminate a soft night light when it notices the user walking up to the mirror. What’s more, for those who don’t want to talk to it (though surely this eliminates the point!) physical controls can be found on the bottom. We predict this to be one of this year’s hottest gadgets.

Kohler's smart mirror was unveiled at CES


Blink Video Doorbell System

Smart camera and motion sensor producer Blink showcased their new smart video doorbell system. Handy for owners who like to spend a lot of time on the yacht, this system makes it seem like you’re at your land-based properties wherever in the world you are sailing, enhancing your security. See and speak to anyone at your door with live video and two-way audio, or be notified of lurkers with instant-on motion-activated alerts sent to your smartphone. Run on 2xAA batteries and priced at $129.99, it is hard to see how an owner could say no.

NB The company has recently been acquired by Amazon, and a representative has confirmed that Alexa integration with the product will soon follow. But when asked if the company was to maintain its separate identity (like Nest does with Google), our source stated that they weren’t allowed to say.

Blink's smart doorbell was unveiled at CES

Alternative Blink design

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