Ok, so this isn’t strictly superyacht tech, but I bet there are lots of owner’s who will want one …..

Have you ever seen a flying car passing you on the highway? Now, this is a real possibility!

The PAL-V Liberty has been approved for road usage and with this approval, PAL-V is another step closer to deliveries.  Who hasn’t dreamed about a flying car? Taking your car for a ride in the sky? This dream is one step closer now. After flying and driving the test prototypes in 2012, PAL-V started the design of the Liberty, its commercial product.

Recently the Liberty passed the stringent European road admission tests and now is allowed on the streets with an official license plate. This completed a rigorous and extensive drive test program carried out on test tracks since February 2020. From high- speed ovals, brake and emission tests to noise pollution testing, the PAL-V is now ready to take on the roads.

The reservation book is growing beyond expectation. As 80% of the future PAL-V carflyers are new to aviation, some of them have started the training for a gyroplane flying license at the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy.

PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse added: “It’s another great step forward for us, now we ‘drive”’ ahead to the last milestones. In parallel, we organize roadshows across Europe to demonstrate the PAL-V to customers: Where shall we meet?”

For more information visit: www.PAL-V.com/roadshow

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