If you are looking for a technologically advanced, underwater light for metal-hulled superyachts with a mix of optics, electronics, form factor and internal driver working together to make one of the most advanced underwater lights on the market, look no further than The Explore E8.  It provides the opportunity for simpler installation and, as a fully customisable system, it can be tailored to each yacht’s installation and systems specifications. Additionally, the small form factor allows for easier placement and installation in the hull.

The Explore E8 delivers a striking and complete halo effect around a hull, regardless of any variance in the hull angle around the boat.  E8’s focused and angled beam produces a defined blade of light that illuminates a more significant area with minimal light loss and allows for maximum spread into the water.

The required angling is achieved using highly efficient and innovative reflector optics inside the light.  As such, bespoke-angled cofferdams are no longer required, and degree angle variants of 0˚ to 50˚ are instead achieved by the light’s own unique optical system.

The combination of E8’s 13,000 Fixture Lumen output and the advanced reflector optics result in an amazing in-water effect, achieving a highly desirable halo of light around the boat, which is comparable to, if not better than, lights with a higher lumen output.  This means that every lumen of output is delivered exactly where it is needed via the super-efficient reflector optics.

When viewed from above and when spaced effectively, the clearly defined 90˚ angle of the beam delivers a halo effect around the yacht with minimal dark space near the hull. 

The Explore E8 comes in a choice of Dual Ultra White / Midnight Blue or RGBW Colours DMX. As with all OceanLED Explore products, the Dual Colour version packs the same punch as a Single Colour version, offering the same lumen output per colour selected delivered through its highly efficient optical system.

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