Following a year of research and analysis, we realised that this industry represents an opportunity for disruption. The clear lack of data utilisation was the clear sign that there is enormous scope for improvement. It became clear the current technologies as well as the core business model are behind the curve due to a resounding belief in the industry – “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken”. 

Transforming WinterHaven Technology into  

As WinterHaven was already working on a platform based on AI/ML to manage and operate its marine centre facilities, it was a very natural and synergetic expansion, the creation of 

The focus of will be the creation of “The Thinking Superyacht” based on the implementation of IoT and AI/ML technologies. 

Why? It’s because this kind of technology will be offering two key benefits; The ability to transform the Superyacht warranty term and practice, while extending the shipyard role during the initial 5 years, and the enablement of reliable and accurate fault prediction algorithms for the mechanical and electrical systems of the yacht. 

Both will deliver to the Superyacht Owner deep insight to the TCO – Total cost of ownership, will improve his asset availability and reliability and will support his asset longevity. 

Most breakage is electrical or mechanical, Motors and breakers, generators, engines, stabilisers, hydraulics and water pumps, to name a few.  The use of technology allows the team on board to assess whether a component or sub-system is behaving normally.  

Fault prediction algorithms show trajectories of behaviour, and when certain parameters occur, they indicate the probability of a fault and that soon a problem may develop. The awareness of that problem enables the team to avoid that fault and address it ahead of time. It’s “preventative maintenance.” 

WinTech is developing the maintenance platform to deliver RUL – Remaining Usuable Life for all mechanical and electrical assemblies. 

The superyacht industry is behind the curve in comparison with other sectors, such as the Aviation Industry, Oil &Gas Industry, Utilities and Power Generation, which has always been at the forefront of technology adoption and is already utilising AI/ML to support predictive maintenance. 

In the superyacht industry, though owners are buying an asset that costs as much as a large jetliner, it doesn’t have the depth and breadth of intelligence behind it.  The technology is needed in order to allow all stakeholders to access live data, be in a position to offer extended warranties while offering predictive maintenance to address potential maintenance issues in advance. 

The System architecture  

On board the Superyacht  

  1. Data is collected from IoT/IIOT sensors as well as ECU’s and control logic and streamed via Messaging protocol into Stream Processing Engine. 
  1. The Stream Processor calculates in real time rules which are based on ML algorithms and identifies failures or potential failures in Real Time and predict future failures that are likely to happen in the near future with projected time to expiry (RUL). 
  1. These alerts are propagated to the Captain’s Dashboard on the Superyacht, and to the Management Company Dashboard on shore – All in Real Time. 
  1. At the same time, all sensor data is collected and stored on the Superyacht Data storage, to be downloaded to the Central BIG DATA environment, once the Superyacht returns close to Shore. 
  2. The platform will include “On Prem Cloud” supporting the ML operation while offshore. 

On Shore 

  1. The data from all Superyachts installed with the Thinking Superyacht, is stored and aggregated within a cloud based, Central Data Hub. (Vertical Data Silo’s).  
  1. The Data hub supports real time / offline management dashboards. 
  1. The Data Hub also supports an R&D environment for BIG DATA analytics and Predictive maintenance ML modelling. 
  1. The BIG DATA is available to all Shipyards and OEM’s for specific mining queries.  
  1. Once new ML and predictive models are identified by the WinTech Data Science Team, these are broadcasted and uploaded to all Superyachts modules and immediately are enhancing the operation of the Superyacht. 


 “The Thinking Superyacht” – the way forward creating the BIG DATA to support the future autonomous Superyacht? 

Technology-wise, is developing the AI/ML Core Platform and creating an “Open System” architecture allowing a large number of vendors to interface with their monitoring, data logging and integrated solutions into the Core Platform, enriching the overall integrated solution. 

The main challenge onboard a Superyacht in comparison to land based environment, is the fact that you cannot rely exclusively on the” Cloud” and you must architect an “On-Prem Cloud”. The second is the fact that you cannot expect the team on board to be able to run the core software embedded into the platform and therefor a SaaS model must apply. 

The WinTech team is capable of delivering a platform that will be a game-changer in the Superyachting Industry. Not only affecting operation and maintenance but also enabling the improvement of future designs by mining the Big Data accumulated via the platform. 

WinTech road map is centred around two main parallel tracks based on similar core ML engine, one to provide the fully embedded end to end OEM solution into the large Superyachts and in parallel to provide an entry level ML platform with a greater reliance on a Private Cloud enabling a viable entry solution for yachts over 24M as well as a potential refit platform. 

WinTech is building an Ecosystem of core technology partners covering the fundamental building blocks of the Thinking Superyacht; Hardware platforms and devices, Software solutions and Glue logic, Value-added embedded services and platform expansion modules – Horizontally and Vertically.  

Besides, being developed as an open architecture – WinTech will support all OEM’s of systems and equipment provided for Superyachts to build API’s and IoT’s that will offer seamless integration into the platform. 

WinTech vision is making “The Thinking Superyacht” as the first step into the next decade where the challenge will be the establishment of standards and guidelines for the autonomous Superyacht. 

WinTech will be ready to deliver the entry-level platform by Q-1 2021 and starting Design In/OEM development into large Superyachts projects by Q-3 2021. 

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