YachtCloud‘s heart is in innovation, developing exclusive luxury technology products is what they do. One of the products YIS (Yacht Information System) is released this week.

A result of intense research, collaboration and engineering, YachtCloud is proud to introduce YIS (Yacht Information System), a 21st Century digital platform exclusively designed for superyacht guests and owners.


Featuring a flexible and dynamic interface that is available anytime, anywhere, YIS is a modern digital tool that presents all information that yachting clients and owners want to know: from the journey to the boat’s features and design.

Commercial Director of YachtCloud, Roel van der Zwet, comments on the system’s unique features: “YIS is not only a fantastic tool for yacht owners and yacht guests but is also flexible to deploy on almost any existing server on board. YIS is also easy to integrate with nautical standards like NMEA. It’s something that really benefits the implementation and sets us apart. Features like this demonstrate that YIS is a product designed with the true yachting experience in mind, with excellent cost-efficiency, easy deployment and seven-star service at its core.”


A smart software solution that requires no bandwidth, YIS offers easy access to a wide range of customisable features for more interaction, insight and immersion on board. YIS is available as an app for tablets and smartphones and as a TV-channel, where all onboard data is found in one intuitively designed digital portal.

● Fast, smooth and stylish User Interface

● Easy to deploy & regular software updates

● The ultimate immersion experience on board

● Completely tailored to each client

● Cost-efficient

“We’re all extremely proud to be able to officially launch YIS despite the challenging conditions over the past few months,” continues Van der Zwet. “YIS brings a level of engagement to the yachting experience that many yacht guests are currently lacking, and the response from yacht owners and superyacht captains has been excellent. We successfully installed the first YIS system onboard a large superyacht earlier this year, and we look forward to delivering more immersive yachting experiences to further exciting vessels over the coming months.”

Each YIS system is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client by YachtCloud’s service, 3D design and engineering team in the Netherlands. Features include a schematic overview of the yacht’s layout, the ability to explore the yachts technical systems in interactive and intuitive 3D detail, easy access to bridge data including speed, heading, time, depth, barometer, wind & temperature, behind-the-scenes of the vessel’s mechanics, map view to track the yacht’s course.

For more information about YIS including an online demonstration, head to yis.yachtcloud.com.

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