“A welding robot is many times more efficient than a welder. But ultimately is has created new jobs at our yard. Automated production has kept us competitive, winning new orders in a number of market segments” – Tore Roppen, The director of Supply Chain in Kleven

As part of our feature in Superyacht Technology Digital Magazine; we talk robotics with Kleven Shipyards, in addition to this we are sharing a clip of Catia Weld Design application. Catia is one of the facilities that is used for a team of welding robotics.

Robots was first introduced in the US industry during the 1960s, however, the use of robots in Welding did not take off until the 1980s. Since then the numbers of robots with in industry has grown rapidly. In 2005, more than 120,000 robots were used in the North America industry alone.

Robotics has seemed as if it can transform the Superyacht industry.

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