Should a moment that ever occurs where your vessel sink, keeping your crew and guests safe is most important.

Hammar has some great pieces of technology to ensure the next step is met when considering safety from a sinking vessel. Hammar H20 rafts have a model designed for liferafts from 4 up to 12 persons. The small rafts are secured to the deck or liferaft cradle and attached to the liferaft lashing. If the vessel sinks, the water pressure will activate a sharp knife that cuts the rope and the liferaft will float free. As the Vessel sinks, the liferaft painter line stretched and the raft starts in inflate, the weak line will break, and crew and guests can board the liferaft.

Hammar released a new Hydrostatic Release Unit that is designed to be safe and reliable in all extreme condition that you may meet in the ocean.

The H20 has been saving lives on the ocean for more than 25 years. With its safe and reliable design, it is the best-selling hydrostatic release unit in the world.