CES 2019. SYTN onsite, we saw the unveiling of a 219-inch 4K Samsung TV and now, LG has unveiled a “world-first” at CES 2019, a rollable OLED TV that a space saving innovation for superyacht design.

LG Signature
Courtesy: Mashable

Called Signature OLED TV R, and the TV features a 4K (3,840 x 2,60) display that rolls up into a base with a luxury finishing.

According to LG, “LG has created a TV with a display that uses a revolutionary flexible screen technology that allows the screen to roll up and roll back out when needed,”

“The ‘R’ in the new Signature OLED TV R is about creating a revolution in home entertainment and redefining space through its ability to rise and roll-up at the touch of a button.”

The TV can place itself in three viewing configurations, depending on what the user needs. These are:

  • Full View – a full-screen view with excellent sound and image quality.
  • Line View – the screen is partially unrolled, allowing for functions like the clock, weather, photos, and music to be managed.
  • Zero View – display is fully packed away and the powerful built-in sound system can be used.

These three positions are shown in the image below, and can be controlled with user voice commands or button touch.

LG Signature OLED TR R Configuration

The Signature TV is powered by second-generation Alpha 9 processor and deep learning Algorithm. It supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit – making the TV a hub for home automation.


It has a built-in-system which packs 4.2 channel output (100W) and support for Dolby Atmos.

Given that it took just a year for LG Display’s rollable OLED to turn into an actual TV, we can expect to see both technologies in the market soon

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