Sea-Doo Sea Scooter has released a new performer; the Sea-Doo GTS that delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.8 mph / 4.5 km/h. The GTS is light enough to carry in one hand making beach dives a reality and snorkelling a dream! With the weight of just 18 lbs / 8.2 kg including battery and can run up to 1.5 hours with normal use.

The Sea-Doo Sea Scooter creates a relaxed way for your guests to enjoy the aquatic world. Sea Scooters arrives with many perks; the technology can help you consume less air during dives by pulling you through the water rather than swimming.  At Superyacht Technology, we want to look at a couple of other underwater Scooters out there.

Sub-Gravity Reference RS Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Engineered by Bonex; they strive to deliver high performance and reliability. Advanced, light and compact, this piece of technology brings easy handling, safety and a high runtime of 4.33 hours at cruise speed. Sub-Gravity has a unique separate circuit that Driving Mode Maintains designed for emergency use in an electronic failure, this feature is particularly aimed at cave-divers.

TUSA SAV-7 Underwater Scooter

A unique feature about this underwater scooter is the hands-free riding saddle allowing you and your guests to have free hands whilst exploring. Tusa Sav-7 has quick and smooth speed control setting, reaching speeds of up to 2.8mph. The technology can last up to 120 minutes and comes with two extra wings to pull another two guest without affecting the scooter’s performance.

Dive-Xtras Cuda 400

A minimalist design when looking for a piece of technology that has a clean and sophisticated look. Battery life lasting 111 minutes with an average 4.5 hours of charging time, this scooter is accepted on all airlines because it holds a NiMh battery. Cuda 400 motor design is very reliable, it’s lightweight and has 8 gears.

Dive-Xtras Piranha P1

Dive Xtras is said to be the manufacturer of the highest performance diver propulsion vehicles in the world. Their products offer weightless and powerful designs. Dive-Xtras weighs just 34lbs and can last 120 minutes at cruise speed.


A popular choice is the Seabob. This piece of technology allows you to ride on the water surface as well as underwaters. With speeds reaching up to 20kph, the high-performance engine can last up to 4 hours of use. The biggest perk about the Seabob is it can be used with or without dive gear. Like the TUSA SAV-7, you can also use it with two guests. It’s 100% silent and safe to use. Superyacht Tenders and Toys is the official dealer for Seabob.