With virtual reality becoming more and more commonplace, mixed reality is the new hot tech topic. Creative studio Theoriz is currently developing a project to explore just how much it can achieve.

Its demo, showing a work in progress, creates mixed reality experiences using motion tracking. The system adjusting to the user’s every movement and changes the projected images in the virtual environment accordingly.

Once fully developed, the technology could be used to enhance guest experience on a superyacht, being adaptable to pretty much any situation guests could desire. For example, the above video shows how simply running on the spot could be turned into jogging upstairs in a beautiful outdoor environment; this could revolutionise exercise opportunities on superyachts for those who love running outside but hate treadmills.

The luxuriousness and vast size of superyachts typically mean that guests do not have a chance to get bored, but for people with short attention spans mixed reality adds yet another dimension to the enjoyability of the yachting experience. The complete personalisation of the experience also means guests will be made to feel even more special, adding to the list of onboard tech that caters exclusively to the individual.

Theoriz uses its own in-house tracking system Augmenta to create this, and Vive VR tracking technologies with real-time video and projection mapping in space.