Bored of standalone inflatable slides? Tired of air-filled climbing walls which give you nowhere to go once you reach the top? Then we have something that might excite you: a superyacht inflatable in the shape of an actual superyacht, complete with multi-level exploration and numerous features to keep kids and adults entertained all day long.

At 77 ft length, 28 ft high and 18 ft wide, this toy from Californian inflatable manufacturer Happy Jump is three tiers of fun. What’s more its designed in a nautical theme, meaning owners and guests can pretend they never left the main yacht (other than the significantly bouncier floors!) Its 18-ounce fabric comes complete with a hull, a tower, a trampoline and a customisable section at the front for which users can choose between two different options (a rock climbing wall is used in this case).

Upon entering the vessel through the main entrance, users climb up the rock wall to reach the second level inside the tower. There are then two ways to get up to the third level/Crow’s Nest. From the top there is a full 360-degree view of surroundings, and when you’ve had enough of this a trampoline floor below means you can easily jump down. There are also two parallel slides, which can be used dry or wet and take you out to the boat’s two inflatable jet skis. From there, users can re-enter the vessel to give the other slide a try!

Not only should it keep young children safely entertained for hours on end, it should also be easy for crew to maintain. Its special coating makes it easy for cleaning with just a simple soap and water solution. It also comes down in four sections, hopefully making for a painless assembly/disassembly.

Bring on the season!


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