NSSLGlobal announced another major upgrade to its VSAT network with the activation of a new beam which will extend Ku-Band coverage across the entire South Indian Ocean. Launched in response to specific market needs, the new beam significantly extends the reach of NSSLGlobal’s VSAT network in an important international shipping route, providing its maritime customers with ever wider and more robust connectivity at sea.

The new Ku-Band beam is available to NSSLGlobal customers from March 2017 and runs on Japanese satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT’s new JCSat 110A satellite launched in late 2016. Operated from Perth, Australia the beam covers the area from the west coast of Australia to the waters around Mozambique and the Eastern coast of Africa. This will further extend NSSLGlobal’s already industry-leading satellite coverage, improving the user experience for vessels sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, around Cape Point and on to South East Asia, Australia, and India.

Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal comments: “As ever more vessels travel the world equipped with Ku-Band VSAT antennas, there is an increasing need for VSAT service providers to make strategic investments to plug the coverage gaps in this frequency band. NSSLGlobal’s success is based on an ongoing promise to give customers world-leading coverage, service, and support. We will continue to invest in the network infrastructure to deliver on this promise and ensure customers benefit from affordable global connectivity from our always-on VSAT communications.”

Another of NSSLGlobal’s recent investments was the acquisition of Norwegian IPTV company SnapTV to create a compelling new service for legally licensed crew entertainment at sea. NSSLGlobal’s ability to broadcast SnapTV’s core streaming technology and fully licensed content to vessels over a dedicated satellite channel to its standard VSATIP@SEA service will allow vessel and oil rig operators to provide crew entertainment, but without affecting other operational or crew welfare services or them being forced to increase their satellite bandwidth packages. Today’s announcement of the new Ku-Band beam will play an important role in the robust delivery of this service in a key international shipping route.

Along with its wholly owned VSAT network, NSSLGlobal also brings together best-in-class satellite solutions from key satellite partners such as Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium, to offer the best choice for its customers across the C-, L-, Ka- and Ku-Band spectrum.

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