Expected to launch next January, building of the new Neyk 9F Luxury Submarine is now firmly underway. The boats development is the product of a collaboration between Dutch designer and developer Ocean Submarine, Rolls Royce, MTU and Bosch.

The new submarine has a teardrop-shaped design, and will be available for either 4, 6 or 8 passengers. However, what may appeal most to superyacht owners is the option for customisation to the exact specifications desired. Once ordered, technicians will work together with the owner to meet their ideas of usage and luxury, with the interior built by a team of master craftsmen.

The submarine will have an overall length of 9m (30ft), with a maximum displacement of 14 tonnes of water and a fully pressurised hull capable of rea­ching depths of 1000 feet. The vessel’s virtually silent electric engines are placed in pods either side, meaning its propellers are up to five percent more efficient than normal and providing extra cooling at low speed.

With inside features including a bar, a library and a complete galley, could the Neyk be the new ultimate superyacht toy?