For those of you who love diving but don’t enjoy the level of preparation it requires, PowerDive is your best friend this yachting season. Instead of worrying about tank refills, ritual tests and intense maintenance, the company’s power snorkel unit is a literally a breath of fresh air; a free-floating diving system allowing the user speedy access to the water.

The company also provide boat-based systems, which are ideal for boat maintenance. Its systems work by using electric compressors to generate the air supply, which is stored in a reservoir on the water’s surface. Divers are attached to the air supply via a hose.

PowerDive’s simplest model allows a diver to reach a depth of 12 metres, or two divers to reach 6 metres. However, newest model the Super Snorkel goes almost double the depth. A single diver can reach 22 meters and two divers to reach 15 meters.

With a setup time of 2-3 minutes and a weight of 29kg, the battery powered device allows for a dive time of 60-70 minutes. Perfect for a little off-yacht jaunt.