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With a team of designers and professional engineers, Flow Marine is the new approach to vessel alarm, monitoring and control. The system is simply a lightweight black box that communicates with your existing instruments and control systems. The product is designed so customers can control and monitor from any web-enabled device, whether you are on or off the vessel. This video shares a live demo of the Cloud AMCS.

“I decided to design Flow having spent a lot of years as both a software engineer and an electrical engineer. I realised that what was offered at the time, in terms of alarm and monitoring control, was very difficult to use and maintain. There were very few captains and engineers that actually liked the systems they were working with and as an engineer trying to maintain those systems I didn’t like them either so I decided to come up with something that was much better.

One aspect of Flow’s design that we’ve been very keen to achieve is to make sure the system is open architecture and upgradeable. We don’t lock our customers into our system and we also don’t lock our customers into having to call our engineers out every time they have a problem, most of the components are user maintainable, plug and play. Where our engineers need to get involved we can normally do that remotely and at a reasonable price.” – Dave Sirockin, Company Director of Flow Marine

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