Over the last 14 years, Intellian has delivered communications technology that both connects and inspires. A leading global provider of satellite antenna systems, Intellian has consistently built upon its patented RF and tracking technologies and products that support a wide range of industries, including commercial maritime, offshore energy, defense and intelligence and luxury yachting. With a keen focus on flexibility, the Intellian team is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and to solving fundamental market problems. The luxury yacht market has become a strong part of the core business and, as the unique requirements of this market continue to evolve, Intellian is staying well ahead of the game.

Changes afoot in the satellite industry

The satellite industry is going through a revolution – and it is set to have a huge impact upon marine communications. The proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is pushing demand for data to insatiable levels. The expectation of ubiquitous connectivity is everywhere. Users want to surf the Internet, stream video, make conference calls and answer emails no matter where they are. Location is no longer considered a barrier.

Satellite technology is experiencing a renaissance in terms of its capability and it’s all down to the fact that the industry is moving towards the development of huge ‘mega’ constellations that comprise small satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO).  When thinking about satellites, many people will be familiar with the large geostationary satellites that move with the Earth, appearing fixed in the sky. This type of satellite has underpinned the industry since its establishment, but their distance from the Earth (around 37,000km) means that the signal is affected by latency which has an effect on real-time applications such as voice and on video, for example. However, small satellite technology is poised to change this.

Small satellites are quick to manufacture, they are cheaper to build and launch and sit much closer to the Earth, in LEO and MEO. This means that their signals are not affected by latency and so are ideal for the delivery of voice, video and data. These ‘mega’ constellations will also comprise many satellites. Some of the new constellations will features thousands that will move quickly around the Earth and this means that more than one antenna will be required to track the satellites as they move across the sky and dip down below the horizon.

The choice for the future

Although the new satellite constellations are still in development, with some players anticipating launches next year, Intellian has been preparing for this transformation for some time. The company is laying the groundwork necessary for future marine connectivity today, and has been focused upon ensuring that its products are prepared for these future networks, whatever they may be and whenever they become operational.

Across the entire product range, Intellian is ensuring complete interoperability between GEO, MEO and LEO networks in both Ka and Ku-band. This means that customers will no longer be restricted to using just one provider and will be able to change frequency band and network more easily than ever before.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Once an Intellian antenna has been purchased in either Ku or Ka-band along with the selected network and orbit, the antenna is no longer fixed to that provider and network. The user may simply obtain an upgrade kit which, once installed which is an easy process in itself, the antenna is converted to work on the desired network. Upgrading is quick and easy. This is unique in the industry. Connectivity is normally provided by an antenna on a fixed network. To transition to another network involves a complete change of antenna system, which is expensive and time consuming. Intellian is providing complete, future-proof flexibility so that customers can use the network, frequency and orbit of their choice.

No re-fits necessary

For the superyacht sector in particular, the ability to switch network and frequency is an important consideration. In many cases, the antenna radome is tinted to blend in with the rest of the yacht superstructure and is very carefully installed to ensure that it is unobtrusive. A complete re-fit of an antenna system is a costly event that takes time as the entire antenna and radome must be replaced. Intellian’s system upgrade means that there is no requirement for a new antenna, giving enormous flexibility to the owner and the peace of mind that once the antenna is fitted, there is no requirement to change it, no matter how their connectivity demands change.

Cross seas and oceans and stay connected with ease

Superyachts traverse all over the globe and, in the past, this has also created problems for users of satellite antenna systems. When traveling

across different regions, changes must be made to the antenna system in order to remain connected such as changing the antenna itself or parts within the antenna. Intellian’s antenna systems can operate with no changes. Whether a yacht is operating in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, the United States or Asia, the antenna switches automatically to the required frequency and polarisation. All switching is carried out internally with no requirement for any intervention from crew. This means that the antenna will operate anywhere and can access any content. All antennas installed on board, across the entire product range, operate in the same way. This is the height of convenience for superyacht connectivity

Intellian – v-series

One step ahead

The Intellian product range enables yacht owners to invest in their future on-board connectivity today. When purchasing an Intellian antenna system for their current requirements, they also know that their future requirements are also covered as the use of an easy-to-install upgrade kit will enable them to embrace the next era in satellite communications when it happens.

Intellian offer customers the ultimate in flexibility and a range of products that are unprecedented in the industry. Fast broadband connectivity transforms the connectivity experience on board, allowing a plethora of applications such as conference calls, access to streamed video content, VoIP, social networking and much, much more – the possibilities are endless.

Intellian enables you to do things your way and to use the network, frequency and orbit that suits your needs. This is all backed up with 24/7 customer support across the globe and assistance wherever and whenever it is required.

Future-proof your connectivity, today and enjoy the next step in this evolution of communications.

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