The name Very Small Aperture Terminal has never been truer

SkyTech Yachting is proud to announce that very small dish sizes are now included in its range of VSAT Products and Services, meaning the acronym Very Small Aperture Terminal is finally a reality for superyachts. The company is the first on the market to offer 30, 50 and 75 cm antennas with such strong KA band performance, with other brands only offering dish sizes of 80cm and over.

Thanks to SkyTech Research’s time spent in the professional and commercial fields developing and producing double band technology, the company has now reached a leading worldwide position in the VSAT marketplace, offering a complete range of services to its customers.

Its VSAT antennas – in dish sizes of 50 and 75 cm – are now available with double Band and double Operator technology. This is the result of two years of testing in rugged military and Government fields all over the world. This unsurpassed connectivity performance will now be available to SkyTech’s Yachting World Customers.

Both the 50 and 75 cm VSAT antennas will work all over the world in KU Bands operated through the INTELSAT EpicNewGeneration satellite constellation. This brand-new technology allows speeds of up to 10Mb/s all over the world, from the Caribbean/US to the Far East, and at a lower cost than the previous KU Band Data speed.

These solutions are designed to be cost-effective. When your yacht sails in the Med (or other EMEA areas covered by TELENOR T7 KA Satellite), the antenna can easily switch to the KA Band that offers up to 20Mb/s data speed at a cheaper cost. It works out its choice of Band and Satellite Operator based on Sailing area and Cost evaluation, with a Worldwide spare solution.

To ensure they are offering the most complete range of services to the leisure industry, the SkyTech Yachting Team have set up a new Airtime formula so that clients can manage their packages more easily, changing payment plans as they wish through a clear and user-friendly online portal.? This new offer will include the option of a prepaid solution, which is easy to purchase, activate and control. It includes a dedicated I.T. Help Desk and Engineers, who can access your yacht’s systems to provide remote servicing and support.

The VSAT hardware units are tested and certified and the Airtime Service is already available when using the Telenor T7 Ka band. The complete offer including EpicNG switch will be ready April 2018 – watch out for it then!

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