What can we expect from E3 this summer?

The New Reality: Flat Panel Antennas

BLUEPRINT/e3 Systems e3 Systems have been providing mobile data connectivity to yachts anywhere in the world since 1996. We are making connectivity as simple as possible for vessels of all kinds, providing bespoke communications solutions that embrace all forms of technology, whether that is 4G, satellite, Wi-Fi or other land-based technologies. Simple & Seamless e3’s aim is to make accessing connectivity at sea as easy as it is in the home or office. Our transparent, independent approach means that we provide a wide range of different services from different suppliers, offering a bespoke solution for the customer which is ultimately designed to suit the requirement.

Our fully managed solutions mean that our HYBRID system can switch between the most appropriate and cost-effective connectivity for the users’ needs, enabling captains to get on with their job, without dealing with complex communications systems on board. Additionally, we request only one monthly payment, regardless of how many types of connectivity are utilised. Our Support Operations Centre (SOC) provides a high quality first-line support. Our premium service includes a deep dive every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day into every IP device on board to do a health check to identify any issue before anyone knows about it. Data Demand: A Sign of the Times Our appetite for data is insatiable and is only set to grow. That’s why e3 has introduced our latest innovations to make keeping in touch easier and more cost-effective than ever. • We have introduced our BIG DATA GLOBAL SIM. This is the latest in our family of SIM cards with no commitments and no limits on usage. The unique SIM package works across all of Europe (including Montenegro), the Caribbean, US, Pacific Islands, Indian Ocean, South-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand and many other regions.

We have also launched eSAT a highly competitive satellite airtime solution for the Kymeta flat panel antenna which offers a feature-rich, highly flexible alternative to traditional gimbaled dishes. eSAT provides airtime for a single Kymeta panel at the same price as a conventional 1m antenna and even lower for multiple panel configurations.

Another unique solution from e3 is Bandwidth on Demand a satellite airtime solution where customers only pay when it is used. • The move to Internet-based TV services is taking off not only on land but also at sea. Through our partners, JetStream, Now TV and Kartina, we provide Internet-based TV solutions with satellite and 4G connectivity so that TV content may be streamed from anywhere in the world. Ahead of the Curve As an innovator and leader in yacht connectivity, e3 constantly strives to stay one step ahead in a world where communications are constantly evolving. We know that good communications are what yacht owners need to get afloat and we will continue to push the boundaries of yacht connectivity and offer a completely impartial service that fits our customers’ requirements, no matter where they go.

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